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The Curious Power Of Curiosity

The Curious Power Of Curiosity
By John Harper

The most popular Ted Talk, thus far, is Do Schools Kill Creativity? by Ken Robinson. It's sad and tragic that so many young minds full of curiosity and wonder enter an education system that "teaches" the curiosity out of them.

The Diamond Approach is a path of curiosity. As such, it is goalless. It is a journey of discovery with no end as the territory explored is as vast as the universe and as deep as the nature of reality.

When the Diamond Approach intersected with my life some 30 years ago, I, like many others, came seeking something more meaningful than the sum of my life experience thus far. At that point in time, "I" was the biggest problem in my life - and I was brilliantly aware of it. I set foot upon this path seeking to become a real human being. What that was, I didn't know. I only knew that my life thus far felt unsatisfied, mundane and fake.  Read full article »

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