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The Inner Soul Child Dilemma

The Inner Soul Child Dilemma
By John Harper

Cage-free Living in an Adult World

When you are here, talk only about your own experience. Is it not your child consciousness that is responsible for your knowledge of your world? If that child consciousness had not appeared who would have asked any questions now?   -   Nisargadatta  - Nothing is Everything

Many paths of self-development and modes of therapy address the concept of an inner child or soul child. What is this inner child or soul child?

Dictionary - a person's supposed original or true self, especially when regarded as damaged or concealed by negative childhood experiences.

Wikipedia - Carl Jung is often referenced as the originator of the concept in his Divine Child archetype. Emmet Fox called it the "Wonder Child". Charles Whitfield dubbed it the "Child Within". The inner child broke into the mainstream primarily through Hugh Missildine, MD, "Your Inner Child of the Past" (1963); which has retained its usefulness; and, through, Transactional Analysis (circa 1965-1969) with its model of Child-Parent-Adult, which has retained less utility. John Bradshaw's use of the "wounded inner child" is a version of the inner child skewed towards topics germane to individual and group therapy settings.

The inner child is often characterized as a subpersonality within the framework of psychosynthesis or may also be seen as a central element surrounded by subpersonalities. Virtually every talk therapy approach acknowledges and ascribes some meaning to the inner child, even if they use a different label. Read more»

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