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Nurturing Nobility & Dignity

Nurturing Nobility & Dignity
By John Harper

Supporting commitment to truth and transformation

Profane – “outside the temple” – not sacred.

When the profane enters the temple, what is the impact – on the teaching, the students, and transmission?

The journey from the profane to the sacred is challenging, paradoxical and often a dance – two steps forward and one step back. This journey is mostly a process of refinement, distillation and clarification – a purification.

Rending the veils of obscuration can quickly take us two steps forward, while the transformation into real action may feel like one step back as we engage the work to embody realization (this is discussed in Hameed’s book – The Alchemy of Freedom – as the dialectic between awakening and transformation).

Whether it’s the cha-cha, a waltz or the tango, there is something elegant and fluid in ‘masters of the dance’. So it is with the transformation of a life from the profane to the sacred. Nobility and dignity reveal themselves in a clarified soul.  Read full article»

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