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Spiritual Allowing and Acceptance (Portal to the Now)

Spiritual Allowing and Acceptance (Portal to the Now)
By John Harper

Being with ‘What Is’ is the path to spiritual transformation.

Understanding allowing and acceptance from a spiritual perspective is radically different from that of ego mind’s understanding.

Ego mind is dualistic in nature, it compares to know - this is like that, that is like this. When it comes to choices, it is mostly either/or. 

From the perspective of ego mind, accepting and allowing is the opposite of rejecting. But ego’s primary activity is rejection AND if we look very, very closely at ego acceptance and allowing, we will see it is based on rejection. It is rejecting something as part of its allowing or accepting.

Just being with whatever we are experiencing is sufficient to experience its inherent perfection. This acceptance of what is, is not the ego’s version of acceptance, which is the opposite of rejection. If you say, “I’m accepting this now,” you are making a judgment that now this thing is okay and you’ve decided to accept it. But do you decide that you’re going to accept the sun? The sun’s existence is a fact. So the acceptance that leads to Holy Perfection is a not-saying-no and a not-saying-yes. - A. H. Almaas, 

Spiritual acceptance and allowing are not based on rejection. They are more of an openness, an openness to what is, to what is actually happening in the moment. 

This openness is a simple, yet profound, availability to the immediacy of experience, an openness and willingness to be impacted and influenced by what is happening right now.

This means we are wide open to experiencing our experience - to feel it fully. 

“When you argue with reality, you lose, but only 100% of the time.”  ― Byron Katie

One cannot be in the Now when the activity of rejection is present. Rejection always involves a rejection of the Now.

Upcoming webinar with Diamond Approach teacher Zarina Maiwandi on Accepting What Is

Zarina refers to acceptance and allowing as ‘ground zero’ for getting real. Her upcoming webinar will address how to get beyond yes and no to a state of being that allows what’s here to be here.

The word acceptance is somewhat misleading, for the aspect is not an active attitude; there is no activity of acceptance. It is a presence of Being when there is no attitude of either “no” or “yes.” A “yes” could mean a prejudice, a certain point of view. But this aspect does not have any attitude. It is a pure, delicate and gentle presence, of utmost humility and exquisite refinement. It is like a gentle rain, that brings freshness and life. Most individuals, when they experience it, refer to it as blessings.  -  A. H. Almaas, The Pearl Beyond Price, ch. 24

"You don’t have to wait on enlightenment to be real, essential qualities can be accessed on day one." - Zarina Maiwandi

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