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To Live the Unity Amongst Discord and
Enjoy Uniqueness Within Difference




A short video invitation and description of the Quasar Berkeley seminar from the Founders of the Diamond Approach and Quasar 2018 presenters Hameed Ali & Karen Johnson:


Quasars are very intense, brilliant energy sources in some distant giant galaxies, where an energetic action is occurring, powered by a super massive black hole at the center of that galaxy.


Quasar 5-day, non-residential seminar details:

September 22 - 26, 2018
10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
The Ridhwan Center for Spiritual Development
2075 Eunice Street, Berkeley, CA, USA
Cost: $595

The retreat will be led by Hameed Ali and Karen Johnson,
co-founders of the Diamond Approach


Download the Quasar 2018 Flyer





September 22 - 26, 2018​


To Live the Unity Amongst Discord and
Enjoy Uniqueness Within Difference


Seminar description: Our world is very fractured at this time. The present infomation age provides a new kind of contact with the diversity of various cultures and traditions throughout the world. With such immediate access, we cannot deny their existence and condition. In this Quasar we will explore not only how to live in this culturally diverse world, but how to live one's spiritual depth. We will explore how spiritual qualities and wisdom help us live a meaningful life that expresses the joy and truth of the invisible world and at the same time serves humanity in the ways appropriate for today's shifting and challenging situations. 

We will use the extensive, precise knowledge and wisdom of the Diamond Approach combined with modern methods of exploration to help us delve deeply into healing, and gain support to stay whole and truly human. We will offer practices which help turn the current world challenges into opportunities for growth and maturation. 

This is the last in the Quasar series of public seminars and is specifically designed for individuals who wish to have a direct experiental taste of the Diamond Approach work. No prior experience in the Quasar seminars or in the Diamond Approach work is needed to attend. This seminar is open to all who are interested.

Seminar Format: Each day is divided into two equal sessions that feature guided meditations with introductions of the practices, methods and teachings of the Diamond Approach. Each session will include an experiential exercise specifically related to each teaching and conclude with time for your questions and comments.

Special Opportunity: Between each teaching session, a few Diamond Approach teachers will be on hand to offer short 10 - 15 minute private consultations with participants wanting a chance to experience a taste of a Diamond Approach private session which is an important element that all Diamond Approach students regularly participate in. These "mini-sessions" help participants inquire further into whatever the retreat material may bring up for them with the assistance and guidance of a Diamond Approach teacher. These optional mini-sessions will be available before and after the morning session, typically starting around 9am and again at 1pm. No prior experience is needed and the subject of these sessions is entirely up to the participant.

The Diamond Approach, as taught in the Ridhwan School, is a contemporary, original, spiritual understanding and path, expressing timeless wisdom on self-relization using the insights of our time. Modern psychological understanding and spiritual wisdom are intergrated to provide deeper and more effective means of realizing, developing, and living our full potential. At each stage of the spiritual journey, we encounter beliefs, identifications and resistances, which can inhibit our development. The Diamond Approach invites us to see these as both veils and keys to our full human potential. The teaching provides a deep synthetic understaning of, and effective means of dealing with these issues and obstacles, in a way that opens up the consciousness to timeless spiritual realities. 


Quasars are very intense, brilliant energy sources in some distant giant galaxies, where an energetic action is occurring, powered by a super massive black hole at the center of that galaxy.


Quasar 2018 will be held at
The Ridhwan Center
for Spiritual Development
2075 Eunice Street, Berkeley, CA, USA


September 22 - 26, 2018
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.each day
with a two-hour lunch break.
It is a nonresidential retreat and
will consist of two meetings a day


Cost: $595

Quasar will be led by
Hameed Ali and Karen Johnson,
who are the founders of the Diamond
Approach to Inner realization as it is
now taught in the Ridhwan School



Quasar will be held at the Diamond Approach's home base and sanctuary located at:

2075 Eunice Street, Berkeley, CA

Carpooling and use of public transport is strongly recommended as this is a densely populated neighborhood, with limited 2-hour street parking immediately surrounding our center. There is non-metered parking about 2 - 3 blocks from our center however, below Henry Street or by Los Angeles Ave. and Spruce Street

Learn more about by clicking the Parking & Transportation tab to the left.


Map of nearby restaurants HERE


Quasar Berkeley is a non-residential seminar - we are not offering housing or meals for this event.



There are a number of hotels and bed and breakfasts within short drives of our center.

This map lists some of the nearby hotels that you can consider however you will need to secure these accomodations on your own



We will not be offering food or beverages during the seminar.

There will be a lunch break each day and you can take a 10 -15 minute walk to nearby cafes and restaurants.

The Ridhwan center has a community refrigerator for those who want to bring their own lunch.

There is a patio and lounge area for eating lunch at the center.

NOTE: The meetings take place in our Sanctuary which is a no shoes, coffee, tea or food meeting space - bottled water is ok.


Map of nearby restaurants HERE

Parking & Transportation


We recommend using public transportation or car pooling which is a great way to meet fellow participants..

The immediate neighborhood parking surrounding our center is limited to two hour parking in effect Monday - Friday. On weekdays look for parking at least three blocks from our where parking restrictions do not apply (Los Angeles Ave. or below Henry St.) Alternative to street parking that are some Pay Parking lots about 3-5 blocks away (see map links immediately below). Either way, please allow plenty of extra time to find a space and walk to our center.

Unlimited neighborhood parking starts  below Henry Street or around Los Angeles Ave. and Spruce Streets.

Closest Pay Parking Lot go HERE

Map of Nearby Pay Parking Lots go HERE


Parking at Ridhwan Center

We have a small rear parking lot holding only about 20 cars available on a first come first served basis. Once full, the lot will be closed.

NOTE: Cars parked in our lot must stay put for the entire day and cannot leave until the end (no ins and outs). Assistants will be stationed at our entrance to help you park.


PUBLIC TRANSPORT (recommended):

You can travel by BART to the Downtown Berkeley Station. Get a BART transfer ticket to take a northbound 7 or 18 AC Transit bus along Shattuck Avenue. Get off at Henry and Berryman Street. Walk one block north to Eunice Street. The southbound 7 (along Arlington Ave) and 18 (up Solano Ave from San Pablo Ave) buses stop at Sutter and Yolo, a short block from Eunice St. For the best route to the Center from your home, use For BART information and schedules, go to, and for AC Transit information and schedule, go to

More Information


If you must cancel for any reason, please do so BEFORE SEPTEMBER 15, 2018.

Cancelations submitted by September 15 can receive a refund less a $40 cancellation fee.

There are no refunds for cancelations after September 15.

Please send your request for refund via email to Bob Duchmann before September 15.

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