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A New DAA Ongoing Retreat Group - DAA8, is Now Open to Students

A New DAA Ongoing Retreat Group - DAA8, is Now Open to Students
February 08, 2020

A new ongoing retreat group - DAA8, is now open to students wishing to become involved with the Diamond Approach path in Australia.

Students in an ongoing group commit to attend three Sydney-based retreats each year in person. Retreats are held in January, June and October and total 13 days (i.e. usually two five-day retreats and one three-day retreat). In addition, between each retreat there are small group meetings organised in local areas and/or online.

We support students to deepen their inquiry process through individual sessions with a private teacher. Students are also encouraged to develop individual meditation, awareness and inquiry practices. These practices are viewed as essential to learn and integrate the spiritual realisations possible on this path.

You can find out more about us, how to find a teacher and how to contact Rosanna - our Manager, here:

Email: Rosanna at 
Telephone:  +61 1300 355 130
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