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Webinar “Acceptance: Relaxing into Being Ourselves” with Jill Davey

Webinar “Acceptance: Relaxing into Being Ourselves” with Jill Davey
February 27, 2019

For many of us our lives are a constant course in self-improvement. We ask, ‘how can I be better than I am right now?’ There’s nothing wrong with seeking to live a more fulfilled life, but in our efforts to better ourselves, we end up rejecting who we are in the moment, we reject our current experience. This act of rejecting ourselves actually takes us away from truly knowing who we are.

In this webinar will explore how it is in relaxing into our immediate experience and accepting what feels somehow imperfect in us, that we discover the truth of who we are at our deepest nature.


Start: Saturday 14 September 2019, 9.00 am (AEST Sydney)

End: Saturday 14 September 2019, 11.00 am (AEST Sydney)

Location: Standalone online webinar

Cost: Free

Register Online:

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