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Diamond Approach in the World: The Earth Rising Action Network

Diamond Approach in the World: The Earth Rising Action Network

While many in the Ridhwan School may have had concerns about climate issues, the creation of the Earth Rising Action Network didn’t happen until Sanjen Miedzinski needed to rent her in-law apartment in June of 2012 and Todd showed up.

Sanjen, a Diamond Approach teacher, had been researching and writing a book exploring the relationship between social, political, and economic forces and the damage we are doing to our environment. Todd, a Diamond Approach student and software engineer, had been working to create apps that show the impact of various amounts of greenhouse gases on global warming.

What they had in common was their dedication to the Diamond Approach, but what brought them together were practical life concerns. It was one of those moments that the guidance of true nature seemed most evident. Almost immediately they began to collaborate on creating a powerful slide and video show that eventually led to a workshop for East Coast Diamond Approach students in New York City on September 20, 2014.

The idea was to generate interest in participating in the New York City People’s Climate March that was to happen the next day. The workshop was well-attended and successful and many in the group then participated with the nearly 500,000 people who marched through Manhattan on September 21.

In November, Sanjen and Todd presented that same workshop and slideshow in Berkeley at the Ridhwan Center. What became obvious was that many people were greatly relieved to have an opportunity to explore their private concerns about climate change with each other. As a result, Sanjen and Todd created the Earth Rising Action Network. Since the Ridhwan School does not take political positions, it was created as an independent group composed of Ridhwan members but also interested family and friends.

As it turns out, there are many Ridhwan members who were already engaged in climate-related work. To date, 140 people have joined Earth Rising.

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