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Ridhwan Community Parsonage Update

Ridhwan Community Parsonage Update

If you have been around the Ridhwan Center in Berkeley these last couple of months, you may have seen the notice on the right hand side of the property as you walk up to the front entrance. It is required by the city to post the plans for new construction. This post shows the plans for the new parsonage project to begin this year, hopefully June. The initial purpose of the parsonage is to house a teacher who embodies the Work to be on the premises. I will be the first one to have this post.

This process of developing the property further has been an amazing experience. Magical occurrences have happened all along conspiring to increase the radiance of our existing center of operation. Inspired and generous people are coming forward with their skills and talents and financial support to grace this new phase of our building that houses our precious work. I am deeply satisfied with how it is going so far. From the contractors and process with the permits and the architect has been a beautiful application of practice. Grace is flowing.

An article appeared in the Diamond Dust all about the new project, how it evolved, and how it is a next step for our community, school, and teaching. Many people have commented on the way it has touched them–what a wonderful addition it will make. I have also had good conversations with those who were not keen on the idea or didn’t understand the reason behind such a project.

There has been very little discussion or questions coming to me recently about it. I want to be sure that everyone has had a chance to voice concerns and ideas about the new endeavor. Perhaps the article answered many of the questions, or there is some hesitation in coming forth with them.

I decided to host a meeting to discuss any concerns or questions, or anything else you would like to add or discuss about the parsonage before the actual project begins. I will be in the lower sanctuary in our Center in Berkeley on March 18, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon Pacific Time to show the latest plans. I chose the morning time to accommodate our community in as many areas around the world as possible. We may be able to Skype or Zoom you in if you can’t come in person. Please email me and we can work that out.

This is not a fundraising meeting. If you have a desire to contribute, you can write a check to the Ridhwan Foundation designating the Parsonage Project, or contact Dana at

If you cannot make this meeting, but have a desire to discuss anything about the project, feel free to email me:

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