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Ridhwan Foundation Non-member Privacy Policy

Ridhwan Foundation Non-member Privacy Policy

Commitment to Privacy

For the protection of the many members of the public who contact the Foundation and the School regarding its work, the Foundation has a long-standing commitment to keeping the information it obtains concerning these persons confidential and private. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes the scope and terms of this commitment.

The Foundation

The Ridhwan Foundation (the “Foundation”) is a church and a US registered non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation that embodies, disseminates and protects the spiritual teachings known as the Diamond Approach®.

The School

The Foundation and the many Diamond Approach® groups (including Academy and non-Academy groups) are, for convenience in this document, referred to together as the “School.”

What This Policy Covers

This Policy describes the information the School believes is private and the steps it takes to protect this information (Protected Information).

Protected Information

Protected Information, including primarily the names, addresses and other contact information of those members of the public who contact the School regarding its work, as well as credit card information, is collected in a variety of circumstances, including but not limited to the following:

  1. When a person contacts the School online or by phone, fax, mail or email for information regarding its programs, operations or teachings, and voluntarily provides personal information.
  2. When a person registers and pays for or attends a public in person or online program or event offered by the School, purchases a book or video, or offers a donation to the School, and provides his or her personal and payment information.

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Privacy Policy Provisions

The following are the key provisions of the Privacy Policy:

  1. The School collects from members of the public the minimum amount of information it deems reasonably necessary to maintain contact with them, i.e., a record of who these persons are and how to contact them. Thus, the information collected consists mainly of these persons’ names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.
  2. By long-standing School policy, the contact information obtained by the School is treated as confidential and will under no circumstances be shared with any third party, commercial or otherwise, except when the Foundation believes that such disclosure is required by law.
  3. Reasonable steps are taken to ensure the privacy of non-member contact information.
  4. The School attempts to keep accurate records of non-member contact information, but it is up to the individuals concerned to inform the School of any errors or changes in this information.
  5. Any individual on the School’s non-member contact list may request to be removed from that list at any time, as provided below.


The School makes every reasonable effort to comply with this Policy, but cannot absolutely guarantee the accuracy or security of its non-member contact information. This Policy may be revised from time to time by the School in its sole discretion and without advance notice, provided that all such revisions will be posted as soon as reasonably possible on the School’s website:

Many local Diamond Approach groups around the world also separately maintain their own contact information for members of the public who contact these groups or participate in their programs. As these groups are legally distinct and independent from the School, the School cannot provide any assurance that any such group maintains technological and legal protections similar to those offered by the School. However, it is School policy that such groups are requested to protect all such information to the same degree as the School itself. If you have any questions as to whether the privacy policies of the School or a local group cover your contact information, please contact the local group, or the School as provided below.

Updating or Removing Contact Information; Questions and Complaints

To request that contact information be updated or removed from the School’s records, or if you have       any questions or complaints, please contact or the Foundation office at P.O. Box 10173, Berkeley, CA 94709, USA.

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