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Desire as a Gateway to Realization

Desire as a Gateway to Realization
By Christine Dveirin

In our consumerist society, it is difficult to want, to desire, to long for something, without immediately gratifying the desire. Imagine wishing and wanting without any concern about getting the object of desire! Imagine going through a catalogue and enjoying ticking everything you want, then throwing it away! This may sound like an exercise in frustration but it is actually a way the inner heart of hearts opens to its deepest desire to know and live the truth.

Many spiritual traditions teach that desire is a major obstacle on the path. Indeed it is, when our desires lead to what is not good for us. Yet it is in the very nature of the heart to desire. In the Diamond Approach desire, longing, and wanting are all seen as movements resulting from the sacred impulse of the heart to contact and know what is Real. Many repress desire because they are taught that desire is "not spiritual." Others have been scolded for wanting, or hold deep disappointment and hurt around not getting what they want, resulting in a hardened heart. Still, others become frustrated, going after things that distract them unknowingly from the heart’s deepest yearning in an attempt to gratify the sacred desire.

In the Diamond Approach, the restraints of the heart and our frustrated longings are addressed and worked through. As the heart is able to open and become free of restraint, our innate curiosity awakens, and our heart’s deep impulse to realize our true nature becomes our guide. We are led to what is most sacred and satisfying. Great joy is the result, as we delight in knowing the truth of our inner nature and who we really are.

Joy is one of five essential aspects - known as Latiaf in the Diamond Approach - which are subtle doorways to Essence – the ultimate core reality of our soul. Each Latifa is characterized by a sacred impulse and a particular psychodynamic issue which when worked through opens to Essence. As the subtle center of the Latifa opens, Essence can be perceived and felt as a colorful presence that infuses ones’ consciousness with capacity.

Joy is an essential aspect of true nature and it can be experienced like yellow sunlight in the soul. It brings open-hearted curiosity, lightheartedness, and delight as we discover the truth of who we are. It imbues us with curiosity to explore our situation and light heartedness in working through issues that at times can be painful. It enables us to regain our childlike playfulness and curiosity. It lights our way. It enables our hearts to lead us to our soul’s deepest satisfaction. With a heart that is free to openly guide us, there is much enjoyment in life! 

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