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Recommended Articles

The Teaching

In the World But Not of It
The Essential Aspects
Boundless Dimensions of True Nature
Missed Opportunities
Which of the Ultimates is Ultimate
Experience, Self, and Individual Consciousness

The Method

Exploring Psychodynamic Barriers
Inquiry and Not Knowing
Recognizing Presence
The Way of Inquiry
Theory of Holes

More Articles

The Post-Pandemic Life to Come - Enzo Dal Verme, 2020
The Culture of Narcissism Revisited - Ann Gleig, Pastoral Psychology, 2009
The Unfolding Now - Watkins Book Review, 2008
Brilliancy: The Essence of Intelligence - Watkins Book Review, 2007
Inner Journey Home Book Review - Lawrence M. Spiro, PhD, Perspective Magazine, 2007
Learning to See Through the Ego - Han van den Boogaard, InZicht (Insight), Issue 1, 2007
Loving the Truth for Its Own Sake - Toshan Ivo Quartiroli, Innernet Magazine, 2004
The Diamond Approach and The Inner Journey Home - Tim J Sullivan, MSc and John Davis, PhD, Common Ground, 2004
The Passionate Love for Truth - Dina Glouberman, Caduceus, 2004
At the Cutting Edge of Using Psycholgical Concepts in Soul Work is Spiritual Teacher Hameed Ali - Pythia Peay, Common Boundary Magazine, Nov/Dec 1999
Conversation with A. H. Almaas - Andrea Isaacs & Jack Labanauskas, Enneagram Monthly, 1999
The Holding Environment - A. H. Almaas, 1998
The Work of A. H. Almaas - Kriben Pillay, Noumenon, Spring 1997
What Really Matters - Tony Schwartz, What Really Matters book excerpt, 1996
Spiritual Work and Psychotherapy - A. H. Almaas, 1995​
Uncovering the Essential Self - Tony Schwartz, New Age Journal, May/June 1995
The Diamond Approach - Richard Smoley, Gnosis Magazine, Fall 1992
The Pearl Beyond Price - Don Flory, The Yoga Journal, Sep/Oct 1990
God as Essence - A. H. Almaas 1990
The Theory of Holes - A. H. Almaas, 1987


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