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Explore the Diamond Approach

The Diamond Approach is open to anyone interested in sincerely exploring their experience to discover its inner truth. To understand the impact of the work and your resonance with it we recommend a direct experience through one of the pathways below.

Join the School

If you know you want to pursue the Diamond Approach, look for a group to join. You will find links on this site to existing and forming groups. If there is not an open group in your area, consider joining a group that meets in retreat format twice a year for 6–8 days at a time, minimizing the amount of travel involved to do the work in person.

If you want to get involved and are not ready to join an ongoing group, you are invited to explore one-on-one work with a Ridhwan teacher. Ideally you would meet in person for an hour-long session every other week. The teacher will support your personal inner journey through our central practice of inquiry, supported by the teaching’s utilization of breath work and meditation practices. If you do not live close to a teacher, in some cases it is possible to do sessions via the internet or over the phone.

Because ongoing Diamond Approach work involves a commitment of time, energy and money, we will want to determine if this work is right for you. Consequently, at some point we will ask you to fill out an application to help guide us in responding to your interest.


Find a Group Near You

Choose a particular area of the world to determine whether there is a group that is open in your area. If not, consider joining a group that meets in retreat format, or explore the programs in Diamond Approach Online.

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Find a Teacher

Choose a particular area of the world to pursue the possibility of working privately with a Diamond Approach teacher. If there is no one in your area, you may still contact teachers listed on the website to ask about doing sessions online.

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