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"The Diamond Approach is a path of being fully human, a path of being with our vulnerability, fullness, wounds, and possibilities. On this path we find ourselves both more ordinary and more extraordinary than we could have imagined." 

-John Davis, Diamond Approach teacher

"By truly accepting where you are it opens you to the next step, YOUR next step, not someone else's. Revelation occurs here and now while being exactly where you are." 

-Karen Johnson, Ridhwan co-founder

"There isn’t one kind of realization that’s aimed for on the path. The possibilities of true nature are unlimited." 

-Elsa Teeuwen, Diamond Approach teacher


Unfolding Truth

The Diamond Approach is a dynamic, evolving teaching that leads to openness, freedom, and realization of the many dimensions of our human potential—especially the amazing secrets of our spiritual nature. There are no beliefs to accept or ideology to embrace—you simply need a sincere desire to know what is true about yourself. Combining time-honored spiritual practices with modern psychological understanding, our methods help you skillfully penetrate obscurations to your inner richness and luminous depth. As you engage the teaching and its practices, your experience and life transform through many liberating awakenings while your personal embodiment comes to express the beauty, grandeur, and hidden potentials of who you truly are.

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