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Diamond Path Logos

Diamond Path Logos
By Ridhwan Outreach

The Diamond Approach is one element of the logos of the Diamond Path, a postmodern spiritual path that, in part, uses psychological exploration to open spiritual states.

What is the logos?

The logos is the creative dynamism of being. It’s what makes everything happen, what makes things appear to perception. It is the outflow from completely nothing. It is the continual process of becoming, which is seen as creation or manifestation.

This outflow can manifest within itself specific currents of wisdom. If we recognize them, and learn from them, and integrate them, they will reveal to us the truths of reality, the secrets of reality and how to live the authenticity that we are. 

When you feel aligned with the the Diamond Path, when you feel engaged,  there’s a compelling force that continues to drive you deeper, wider, fuller - erasing you. And no matter what the resistance, the intelligence reveals the knowledge to meet that resistance. 

Spiritual Teachers, Teachings & Traditions

There are many currents and each current is a particular spiritual teaching. Each teaching has its logos.  

Not everyone that teaches has a teaching. Some people that have an awakening, an enlightenment, teach that. This is not necessarily a teaching. 

A spiritual teaching has a logos. It has an order. 

It has a logic to it that:

  • informs its practices
  • informs its orientations
  • informs its principles

The current of the Diamond Path is its own current, with its force, with its intelligence, with its particular logic that is different from other logoi. 

The logos of the Diamond Path

The logos of the Diamond Approach arose in a time of a multi-culture milieu. A teaching arises within a particular cultural milieu seeking to liberate you from that cultural imprint, so you know yourself as true nature which is independent of culture and independent of time.

How do we recognize the logos of the teaching?

How do we recognize the current of the Diamond Path?

There is a map of the Diamond Approach because the teaching occurred through a sequence of experiences and realizations that could be mapped, but the map is not the teaching.

diamond path

Each logos carves a different terrain in and through reality and all of them are true.

The map is important, it’s useful, it’s a story that shows what the terrain is like. We can look at the terrain, we can see a map and that is very useful. It’s useful to see where you are situated on the map 

What’s the bottom line?

Many spiritual paths posit an ultimate view of reality where the path works toward - an ultimate reality or ultimate truth one needs to awaken to to lead a liberated life. Many, if not all, of these spiritual paths are true and have led people to liberated lives.

The Diamond Path is not oriented around a particular state or ultimate view of reality. The Diamond Path acknowledges and includes these ultimate views but does not take any ultimate view to be its own.

Truth is important on the Diamond Path, but we are not speaking of a particular ultimate truth. In this spiritual teaching, true nature is something mysterious and indeterminate, constantly manifesting itself in various ways.

Principles of the Diamond Path

principles of diamond path

  • The Diamond Approach is not oriented around any particular state.
  • Wherever we are is an entry point into all of reality. We begin with being where we are and let our experience unfold and reveal its deeper nature without rejection or acceptance, but fully engaged to see what it is - to understand it.
  • We don’t do anything to where we are. We don’t try to change it or go beyond it or develop it or refine it. We don’t interfere - the principle of noninterference. Interference comes from many places in our consciousness:
    • Our family programing
    • Our cultural programing
    • Our religious programing
    • Identifications
    • Previous experiences
    • Education

How is this of use to you?

The Diamond Path is not just your experiences or realizations, or the body of knowledge. 

The more we know,
the more that knowledge can be used to reveal more.

Because the Diamond Path integrates and addresses many diverse spiritual states and much psychological knowledge, it has a richness of many experiences and realizations and awakenings.

Obstacles & Challenges

A spiritual teaching is a whole outflow of many awakenings, many experiences, many insights, and recognition of many obstacles and how to work with obstacles.

obstacles challenges

Each way it manifests itself will challenge certain obstacles, things we identify with or are conditioned by.

There is an understanding of many obstacles in a very detailed and specific ways. Obstacles are worked with not just as concepts and delusions of the mind, as they have histories and development and beliefs that need to be worked through and understood. If these are not worked through, they will express themselves in one way or another.

It is the understanding of both the obstacle and the realization that leads to the wisdom and liberation and living that freedom.

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