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Diamond Inquiry™

Diamond Inquiry helps to reveal the shining core of our experience - in the here and now - without needing to accumulate 10,000 hours of meditation or having any special conditions in place. As the central practice of the Diamond Approach path, Diamond Inquiry connects us to a palpable immediacy and aliveness, a felt presence that includes many facets: Love, strength, joy, kindness, peace, determination, meaning, freedom, and many more wonderful qualities. 

Rather than sidestep our ordinary experience, Diamond Inquiry operates from the understanding that our ordinary experience and our spiritual depth are ultimately one. This orientation to our existence inspires a curiosity about our day-to-day life, and it fuels the drive to become free from the constraints of our past conditioning, which have kept us out of touch with our true nature and our vast potential.  

Both mysterious and practical, Diamond Inquiry brings more transparency and lightness to our human lives. 

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We can, of course, say that we do inquiry because it opens us to the Diamond Guidance. You can say that we do it because it moves us toward the optimising thrust, or because it moves us toward the wholeness. All this is true. However, if you listen to your spirit, your essential being, why is it doing inquiry? Because it is its nature to do so. It is not really for any of those other reasons. Those reasons are hindsights – valid hindsights, but still hindsights. Our true nature is inherently characterized by an openness and a dynamism toward revealing its potential.

The aim of inquiry, however, is not to arrive at conclusions but to enjoy the exploration and the thrill of discovery. This discovery is the unfoldment of the soul, and expresses the soul’s love of truth and reality, which itself is the expression of Being’s love of revealing itself.

Understanding Diamond Inquiry

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