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February 11 - February 13, 2022
09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Every journey requires preparation. We gather our tools and resources and begin to read the maps that can assist us. We build an awareness of the pitfalls and blind alleys we may face. As we step onto the path of the Diamond Approach, we are introduced to some of the magical allies that will support us, the qualities of essence.

“What is essence?”, you might ask. It is what is most real in you, and it is what, through the journey, you come to know and live.

In this first DAA8 3-day retreat we will step onto the path, begin learning how to navigate the terrain and meet some of our fellow travellers on the journey. We’d love to have you join us.

COVID-19 Information:

DAA has planned this February 2022 retreat to be the first in-person retreat after the restrictions of COVID-19 are lifted (i.e. the opening of Australia’s international border). Should it not be possible to proceed as planned, a retreat will be offered online for these dates and the start of the DAA8 group will be delayed until May 2022.

We will keep you informed about any change to the planned start of our new group. Please be mindful of making any airline or accommodation bookings that are fully refundable just in case it is not possible to proceed with our plan for an in-person event.


To be confirmed


11 February (Friday) 9:00 am - 13 February (Sunday) 5:00 pm AEDT

Finishing times are approximate

Organizer: Diamond Approach Australia

Register at:

Phone: +61 2 9423 6976 (Sydney Australia)


Location: Sydney, NSW unless COVID Restrictions do not allow this to happen.

Name: Diamond Approach Australia

Phone: +61 2 9423 6976 (Sydney, Australia)




To Be Confirmed (AUD)

To register, please go to:


Sydney, NSW
New South Wales AU

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