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Action (True Action)

Diamond Approach

Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Action (True Action)?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Action (True Action)

There is No Way to Truly Act from the Personality

To understand what true action is, we need to recall what we know about the activity of the personality. We have seen that the activity of the personality, what we usually call doing, is actually a contraction, a solidification of body and mind that brings the contractions together, makes them one-pointed in a sense. The one-pointedness is what we call the ego identity, and it seems to push in a certain way. We are operating from this tension and we call it our identity -- "I am doing this.” So when you are taking action from this place you're actually saying no to Being, pushing against it. There is no way to truly act from the personality.... When there is action on the level of Being, Being attains a dynamic quality. There is actually a kind of condensation that becomes will. Being is experienced as will. It attains a new quality, as if it moves or is being oriented; Being itself takes direction, alignment, and focus. But Being is one. So when Being acts, it is non-aligned with something else but with itself, and it acts on all points at the same time. As in a pool of water, each drop, each atom is in concert. All of them move in one direction, toward one point. So there is no conflict, no tension between one and another. 

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