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Angel of Revelation

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Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Angel of Revelation?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Angel of Revelation

Diamond Guidance is Sometimes Called the Angel of Revelation

In other traditions, the Diamond Guidance is sometimes called the angel of revelation, the holy spirit that brings the word or message from the source. It is the angel that guides us to Beingness that is our ground, our nature, our source. It is the true friend, the total friend, because the Guidance’s only concern is for you as a soul to go back to your source, to be who and what you can be, with total acceptance, total support, total guidance, total kindness. The soul needs to place herself in the right attitude for this kind of blessing to come. You have to do the work of correctly orienting yourself. Basically this means harmonizing your consciousness with the mode of presence and operation of the Guidance. This is what we are exploring when we discuss inquiry – the right orientation, the right posture, the ways of being and functioning that will invite the Guidance.

Diamond Guidance is the Revealer of Truth, Equivalent to Gabriel, the Angel of Revelation

The essential aspect of Love functions as the motivational energy of inquiry. It is the impulse of the heart, it is how the heart is involved in the journey. Another way of saying this is that when you feel that you love to find out the truth, you’re invoking the Diamond Guidance, for the Diamond Guidance is the revealer of truth. It is equivalent to Gabriel, the angel of revelation. Gabriel is the messenger of God, or the truth, and Diamond Guidance is an essential manifestation whose function is to reveal the essential truth in our experience. So when you say, “I want to know the truth,” it means your heart wants the truth to be revealed. This is an invitation for the revealer to descend and manifest. The heart is inviting the angel of revelation, the revealer of truth; it is opening the door and saying, “I want you to come and I want to surrender to you.” Seeing all of this, we recognize that when we engage the Diamond Guidance, when we are traveling on Spacecruiser Inquiry, we are engaged in a love affair. We have a love affair not only with the truth, but also with the revealer of truth, the angel of revelation. We end up loving the revealer because it is giving us exactly what we love.

In Some Sense, True Nature is the Revelation, the Angel of Revelation and the Source of Revelation

Teaching and guiding in an explicit way is the same as the revealing and unveiling function of true nature, which is implicit in all manifestations of true nature because each manifestation of true nature, each form of true nature, as we have seen, is all of true nature. In other words, true nature doesn’t hold itself back. Each particular form of reality explicitly reveals a particular quality or a particular dimension that is appropriate to the situation because true nature is not only the teacher and guide but also the guardian and the messenger of truth. In some sense, true nature is the revelation, the angel of revelation, and the source of revelation. In this teaching, the function of the external teacher is part of the operation of the discriminating intelligence of true nature. When we say a teacher is functioning effectively, we mean that he or she is able to embody and express this discriminating intelligence in the form of a teacher. This discriminating intelligence is characterized primarily by its precise clarity, by its penetrating insight, and by its compassionate sensitivity.

One of the Names for Understanding

In some traditions, one of the names for understanding is “the angel of revelation.” It is that which reveals. It continues revealing, continues revealing, continues revealing. And it is said that the angel of revelation cannot be in the presence of God. It leads you all the way there, but it cannot enter—nobody and nothing can enter. It reveals the road, completely, one step after another, until you get to the source, and then the angel of revelation disappears. Then there is no understanding, there is just Being, which we can call total understanding.

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