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Being (Nondifferentiated Being)

Diamond Approach

Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Being (Nondifferentiated Being)?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Being (Nondifferentiated Being)

Everything is a Differentiation of the Nondifferentiated Sense of Being

Nondifferentiated Being is simply the nature of everything, including all aspects of Being, and all of physical existence. One realizes that everything, on any level of perception, is nothing but a differentiation of this nondifferentiated sense of Being. This is different from the Cosmic Consciousness, which is the soul of all existence. Pure Being is not only the soul and Essence of the universe, it is the universe itself, and beyond. So it is a deeper and much more basic reality. It is seen to be the nature of Cosmic Consciousness, its beingness, the beingness of all aspects of Essence, and the nature and the beingness of everything perceivable. It is difficult to conceptually see the difference between Pure Being and Cosmic Consciousness, but experientially the difference is significant and clear.

The Complete Integration of Personality into Being

At this stage, the student learns that for the individual consciousness to be completely without defenses means to be completely vulnerable, not only to human love objects but, more basically, to Being itself. This means no resistance, no defense, no separateness and no isolation. So for the personality to be completely vulnerable to the reality of Pure Being means ultimately that it will become so transparent and permeable to it that there is no longer a difference between the two. It is complete absorption of ego structure by Being; the complete integration of personality into Being. The result is the state of unity and oneness of Being. It is also the process of personalization of Pure Being. We see that the following are equivalent:

  1. Complete cessation of ego defenses and resistanc
  2. Complete vulnerability
  3. Complete absorption of personality into Being
  4. Personalization of the supreme aspect of nondifferentiated Pure Being
  5. Total oneness of Being.

This process leads to two important essential realizations: that of supreme oneness, and that of supreme Personal Essence. The latter involves the Personal Essence attaining a new state, that of nondifferentiated Being. This is not the same as the oneness of Being. One here feels oneself still personal, but in a very pure way. One is a pure person, without any roles, free from all roles. There is freshness, newness and a sense of eternity. One perceives the passage of time, but one is not touched by it. One stays the same, changeless, eternal and feels no personal passage of time. There is fullness, openness, clarity and eternity. It is a sense of freedom, where freedom is a complete openness and lightness, where action is spontaneous and unimpeded. It is freedom from object relations and the world of object relations, while retaining the full capacity for human contact and relating. It is the Personal Essence on the level of Pure Being, where the person is completely synthesized with Pure Being. It is difficult to imagine such a state, for it defies logical categories.

The Supreme Reality of the Oneness of Existence

Synthesis: One can see from the perspective of the nondifferentiated Being, the Supreme reality of the oneness of existence, that all aspects of Essence are differentiations proceeding from this original nondifferentiated source. The Personal Essence is the synthesis of all differentiated aspects of Essence. This is similar to Hartmann’s concept of differentiation from the nondifferentiated matrix, and his notion that the final ego development is the integration that follows such differentiation. So individuation is the integration of the results of differentiation. The incomparable pearl is the individuation on the Being level. It is a new synthesis, which in a sense creates a personal Being from the impersonality of the nondifferentiated Being. The capacity for synthesis on the Being level belongs to another aspect of Essence—objective understanding. This aspect has the capacity for both analysis and synthesis on all levels of perception and knowledge. It is closely related to the Personal Essence; it is the inner guidance needed for its realization and development. But, like all other aspects, it becomes integrated into the Personal Essence at some point in the process of inner realization. The synthetic capacity is then experienced as a quality of one’s own Being.

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