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Blue Latifa

Diamond Approach

Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Blue Latifa?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Blue Latifa

Consciousness that is Aware that It is Consciousness

With the Blue aspect, there is awareness of isness, of presence, but the quality of the Blue aspect is very subtle, for it is implicit and yet significant in all other aspects. The experience is simply of a presence of consciousness that is aware that it is consciousness. It is just the recognition that there is recognition. More precisely, the presence of the quality of consciousness is simply the presence of consciousness and nothing more. This consciousness is not aware of any object outside of itself. But since it is consciousness, it is consciousness of itself. It is a field conscious of itself, aware of itself.

The Essential Aspect of Pure Consciousness

Knowingness – the capacity to know through direct contact with an element of our experience – is related to a particular essential aspect. It is related to the operation of the Blue Diamond, which is the Blue Essence in its diamond presence. The Blue Essence is usually called the aspect of pure consciousness, but it is also the aspect of knowingness. Even intellectual knowledge is based on this capacity; without inherent direct and intimate knowingness, ordinary knowledge would not be possible. Direct knowingness is what gives us the data necessary for our mind to think and spin out its knowledge. Without knowingness, we have no data. Knowingness is more than just perception, for perception alone indicates only the fact of seeing differentiation. To recognize the differentiation – for differentiation to become discrimination – knowingness is required. This knowingness precedes labeling.

The Experience of Being Knowing

The aspect of Knowing arises when one knows that one’s very beingness is inseparable from knowing: that one is being knowing and hence this presence is completely one with itself. There is no division between subject and object, absolutely no duality in the knowing. So it is basic knowing. But since it is presence, it is not an activity of knowing. It is the presence of the quality of Knowing… we see here the unity of epistemology and ontology, for this aspect is a presence in which the beingness is itself the knowingness. When knowing splits off from being, we end up with ordinary knowledge, a knowledge that is not sufficient to reconnect us with our Being, no matter how useful it is in the practical world

Where the Blue Aspect Arises

The Blue aspect arises in the center of the head, just as the Green aspect arises in the center of the chest. From this we can also see that just as the Green is the sensitivity that forms the essence of the heart, the Blue is the consciousness that forms the essence of the mind.

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