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Brilliancy Diamond

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Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Brilliancy Diamond?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Brilliancy Diamond

Intelligence Functions in the Diamond Guidance as the Presence of the Brilliancy Diamond

We want to emphasize in this chapter the third way that intelligence functions in the Diamond Guidance: as one of the self-existing components of the Guidance. The Diamond Guidance—just like any other Diamond Vehicle—is a combination of every aspect in its objective or diamond form, and one of those aspects is the Brilliancy diamond. In other words, intelligence functions in the Diamond Guidance as the presence of the Brilliancy diamond. By exploring the Brilliancy diamond, we will know objectively and precisely what intelligence is and how it functions in understanding. As we have discussed, Brilliancy as an aspect is a very clear, very explicit sense of presence. Its substance is so pure, so compacted with true nature, that its presence is palpable. It is exquisitely smooth. We can feel it as a flowing, luminous presence, with a density similar to that of mercury but infinitely smoother and finer. If we see the reflection of sunlight in a mirror, and then imagine liquefying it, we get the effect of brilliance. Brilliancy is so intense that it looks almost like a continuous explosion of light. When we see this beautiful brilliance, we understand why and how Being is intelligent. It is intelligent not only when it manifests in thought but also as intrinsic and organic brilliance, which is the underlying intelligence in any sphere of action. It provides our faculties of inquiry and understanding with an innate intelligence, so that discriminations are subtle, connections are insightful, analysis is luminously delineated, and articulation is lucid and perfect. Brilliancy is so perfectly immediate, so complete, smooth, fluid, and free, that its functioning brings ease, perfection, lucidity, and clarity to any action, whether the action is communication or thinking, interaction or analysis.

It is Possible for Our Understanding to Operate with Sharpness, Precision, Clarity and Objectivity

But the presence of the Brilliancy Diamond does more than allow us to discriminate and synthesize simultaneously; it also gives precision to our brilliance and brilliance to our precision. This means that there is sharpness and precision to synthesis. There is an exactness to it. The diamondness gives clarity, precision, and objectivity. What is synthesized are objective facts, objective manifestations. If it were not for the precision and objectivity, our synthesis might consist of a little bit of prejudice, some reaction, an element of truth, and a touch of an essential experience, all of which are combined into some kind of strange theory. This kind of synthesis that lacks objectivity happens frequently, especially in the spiritual sphere. We need precision in our objective facts, and we need precision in the relationships between them. Precision, when combined with the synthetic capacity, allows us to synthesize in an objective and clear way. This is the function of the brilliancy diamond. It is then possible for our understanding to operate with sharpness, precision, clarity, and objectivity, in both the sweeping, unifying vision and in the process of detailed explication. The process of exploration and the flights of genius can happen simultaneously as the functioning of the same aspect, the same presence.

Presence of the Brilliancy Diamond

The Brilliancy diamond, as an aspect in the Diamond Guidance, is a wonderful smooth presence, with luminosity and preciousness inseparable from clarity, sharpness, exactness, and precision. When this diamond is present in our soul, it infuses all of our capacities with the same luminosity and precision. Our inquiry and our understanding attain these qualities of brilliance and precision, as one capacity. What does that mean? One meaning has to do with synthesis and analysis, the unified perception and the discriminating capacity. Synthesis and discrimination happen simultaneously when the Brilliancy diamond is present. They are both present in the same act. We see the specifics of the situation and their interrelationships at the same time that we see their underlying unity. It is the synthesis of Brilliancy that is directly seeing the underlying unity. Simultaneously with this awareness, we also see precisely how the unity manifests in the various elements, the various percepts and experiences.

Brilliancy, pg. 75

The Perspective of the Brilliancy Diamond as it Applies to the Experience of Nonduality

Many of us experience the state of oneness, at least fleetingly. This experience, though profound, is two-dimensional most of the time, in that seeing another person is rather like seeing one cell of an organism where all cells sort of look the same. All is one. The dominant experience is of a unified field of nonseparateness. However, when the oneness has the precision of the diamond, what manifests is an added dimension. Everything presents itself in much greater relief; every element of the oneness becomes more uniquely itself. It is true that there is a oneness—a nonduality—but the uniqueness appears very precisely, very clearly. In this state, the other person is a particular person with his own quality, and at the same time he is part and parcel of the oneness of everything. With the precision of diamondness, uniqueness is clear; with the brilliance in the diamond, the oneness is undeniable. Both discrimination and synthesis are operative in this diamond oneness. It is all one unified field, but everything is precisely itself, clearly delineated without being separate. This is the perspective of the Brilliancy diamond as it applies to a deeper experience of realization, that of nonduality.

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