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Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Complete Man?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Complete Man

The Complete Man is the Integration of all Dimensions of Reality

From the vantage point of each dimension of Being, the more differentiated dimensions appear to be less real. Each dimension both includes the more differentiated dimensions and transcends them. This is experienced from the first dimension of Essence, going through its various levels, to the dimension of the Supreme Reality, and then to that of the Transcendent Absolute. However, all these dimensions make up the true potential of the human being. The human being is incomplete if he identifies with one dimension, regardless of how “high,” to the exclusion of others. The complete man is the integration of all dimensions of reality. We will see in subsequent chapters that this integration is possible only with the Personal Essence. We will see that the Personal Essence undergoes a development which is equivalent to the integration of all dimensions of reality. It is still not the highest experience; nevertheless, it is the highest development. One who has integrated the Personal Essence completely is able to experience any dimension of reality, depending on the requirement of the moment. One who is identified with a particular dimension may be realized on the Being level, but is still not complete in his development, for he is unable to move to different dimensions.

Vice-Regent of the Absolute

One way of understanding the concept of God is that God is basically the totality of the Universal Mind, all the levels. The human soul can experience all the levels. The only being that exists in the universe as far as we know, that experiences all the levels, is the human soul. So in that sense, we are similar to God. And the human soul can integrate its knowledge to the degree of being aware of itself as all the levels. You can continue being a human being, but have all the levels in you, and you can be aware that you are all the levels, all the variations, in one integration, which is a human being—a miniature God, in some sense. God is the totality of all the levels. A human being can be all the levels in a personal sense. That is what is called the Complete Man, the complete human being. The Complete Man is also referred to as a Vice-Regent of the Absolute, a representative of God, the son of God. In a sense, he is made in the image of God, made of the same thing. God is the only thing that exists that has all these levels, besides the human being. The human being cannot be the totality of the universe, but can be a human being with all the levels, like a miniaturization of all the dimensions as a human being. If you experience all the dimensions, you are not experiencing you; you are experiencing God Himself. The state of oneness is like the experience of being God; it is God realization.

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