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Concepts (Experience-Near Concepts)

Diamond Approach

Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Concepts (Experience-Near Concepts)?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Concepts (Experience-Near Concepts)

Experience is Relatively Abstract on All Dimensions of Experience Except that of Primordial Presence

The nearness to experience is determined not only by the distance of abstraction from the lived experience, as the concept is ordinarily understood in psychoanalytic thinking, but also by the distance of the experience from the primordial presence. This is because experience is relatively abstract on all dimensions of experience except for that of primordial presence, since these dimensions are characterized by the lack of complete immediacy in the experience as a result of the intervening veil of mental concepts. This is a significant issue for understanding the status of any knowledge, but it is useful specifically for our present study of self-realization and narcissism, since narcissism itself is due to the distance of our experience of ourselves from fundamental ontological presence. This returns us to our earlier observation of the impoverishing effect of the lack of appreciation of the deeper spiritual dimensions of the self on the prevailing psychological theories of narcissism. Putting this simply, our conceptualizations of the self, and of its manifestations and difficulties, are bound to be limited by the limitations of our experience of the self.

The Closer Our Experience is to the Dimension of Primordial Presence, the More “Experience-Near” is it Possible for One’s Conceptualization to Be

Because of the complete immediacy and intimacy of the state of self-realization, discrimination in the dimension of presence is totally experiential. This intrinsic discrimination can become the source of experience-near concepts. It is the absolute limit on the conceptualization as experience-near. The closer our experience is to the dimension of primordial presence, the more experience-near is it possible for one’s conceptualization to be. This gives the already useful psychoanalytic concept, “experience-near,” an unexpected precision that helps us understand and appreciate how far from experience-near are the concepts that dominate conventional experience. The precision of discriminating wisdom also makes possible a continuous range of experience-near conceptualizations, and provides a general way of assessing the degree of nearness. So experience-nearness of our conceptualizations of the self, and its manifestations, depends on how near to the inner core of essential presence is our felt experience.

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