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Core Dimension

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Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Core Dimension?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Core Dimension

Freedom from the Unfoldment of Identity

With the essential identity, one’s center and core can be essence in its various aspects, while the identity of the absolute ipseity is the only unchanging truth in Reality. In other words, one is now free from the unfoldment of identity, for such unfoldment has reached its ultimate repose. The point diamond liberates the unfoldment from the fixation of the self; realization of the core dimension integrates it with the absolute as the unchanging core. The central issue for the point diamond is the need to free one’s unfoldment from influence. The central issue for the core dimension is identification, forgetting one’s true self, one’s inmost nature. In other words, it is identification with the soul, with the unfoldment. The resolution is seeing that it is the absolute that identifies, that forgets, and its deepest identification is with the unfolding soul. The core dimension reveals to us that we are the absolute, and that the soul is one of our expressions, an organ for our experience.

Seeing that the Absolute has no Relation to Manifestation

We see that the objective relation that the quintessential dimension reveals the absolute to have to manifestation is that it is coemergent with all forms and dimensions. In other words, it has no distance from any manifestation. It is actually not differentiated from anything. More precisely, the absolute has no relation to manifestation, for the possibility of relation does not arise unless there is differentiation. It is a matter of complete unity, absolute nonduality. We can also see that coemergence implies all the previous objective relations we have discussed in relation to the other dimensions of descent. Everything is its radiance, just as in the absolute dimension, except now we see that its radiance is not differentiated from its emptiness. It is the core of everything, just as in the core dimension, except now we see that the core and the surface are coemergent, and without any distance between them. It is the ground of all manifestation, just as in the ground dimension, except that now we see that the ground is undifferentiated from the manifest. It is the center and apex of the hierarchy of all dimensions of manifestation, just as in the integrated dimension, except that now we recognize that this hierarchy is not spatial; it does not even imply differentiation.

The First Dimension in the Journey of Descent

The absolute dimension can be considered the apex of the journey of ascent, but it is also the point from which descent commences. The dimension that actually begins the descent is the core dimension, and hence we consider it a transitional dimension. More exactly, the core dimension is the first dimension of descent, and hence the first step toward the movement from transcendence to immanence. As usual, the clearest way of understanding the major characteristics of a boundless dimension of descent is to see it in terms of the relation of the absolute to the essential aspects, the manifestation of its perfections. In this dimension each essential aspect arises as a faceted diamond, whose core is the absolute. The core is a sphere of blackness and emptiness of the absolute, but the rest of the body of the diamond is constituted by the dynamic presence of the logos. This dynamic presence assumes the color and quality of the particular essential aspect. In other words, the core of the diamond is always black emptiness, but the external part changes color and quality depending on the arising aspect. The external layer is substantial and full, unlike the ethereal radiance of the absolute diamonds. These diamonds are similar to those of the point diamonds, except that the center has changed from the radiant point of light to the dark emptiness of the absolute. This change reflects the fact that one’s identity has shifted from essential identity to the absolute ipseity.

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