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Crystal Guidance

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Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Crystal Guidance?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Crystal Guidance

Inner Guidance Appears on the Nonconceptual Dimension as the Crystal Vehicle of Guidance

We see that inquiry can penetrate deeper than the cognitive realm. It can do this when the inner guidance appears on the nonconceptual dimension, as the crystal vehicle of guidance. Crystal guidance not only reveals the presence of reifications, but goes further, pointing to concepts themselves and how they become barriers to pure awareness. By challenging the various concepts and conceptual positions it moves consciousness beyond them, to nonconceptual presence. Crystal guidance functions in another, unexpected way. Beyond the exposing of concepts and dichotomies, its crystalline structure illuminates barriers that developed before the arising of conceptual knowledge. These are the structures of the soul that were established very early in life, before the cognitive capacity developed enough for the establishment of representational structures. We discussed these primitive, prenatal, and preverbal structures in chapter 14. These structures are simply impressions in the soul; they are not cognitive. Because it is the expression of nonconceptual awareness, crystal guidance penetrates these preconceptual structures and challenges their opaqueness. These structures manifest in consciousness and reveal how they are barriers to realization and liberation. Crystal guidance, along with the various aspects manifesting as crystals, brings about the precise and objective understanding of this dimension of obscurations. Such understanding can be simply the recognition of the nonconceptual as the ground, but can also manifest as insight and basic knowledge.

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