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Crystal Heart

Diamond Approach

Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Crystal Heart?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Crystal Heart

Clarity of Being Manifested as the Nature of the Heart

The crystalline structure in the chest has the same quality of consciousness as what I have been experiencing as the nameless or nonconceptual transparent nature of everything. This same clarity of being is manifesting now as the nature of the heart. It feels quite different from how I usually experience heart, so different that it is difficult for the mind to accept it as heart. How can heart be so empty that it feels like the very presence of absence? All this time, I have known heart to contain the very richness and fullness of Being. It takes several days of contemplation, with curiosity and openness of mind, before I begin to understand the crystal structure, the crystal heart. This inquiry takes me through a process of becoming aware of a region of my soul that I have never seen so completely or so graphically. I become aware at some point of a certain unclarity in my consciousness that reveals, upon inquiry, a thick and opaque part of my soul. I feel, mostly in my belly and pelvis, some kind of a blobby structure of soul that appears polluted, dirty, almost nauseating. The first reaction is disgust and repulsion, but because of the presence of the crystal heart, and my true desire to see the truth of the situation, I am able to hold this arising manifestation of my soul with an open and inquiring mind. It becomes clear that the turbidity and obscuration in this soul structure is due to a constellation of desires, impulses, needs and wants.

The Complete Heart Whose Essence is Clear, Transparent Detachment and Whose Manifestations are the Sweetness of the Forms of Love

As this understanding clarifies my consciousness, the crystal heart fills both chest and belly. I feel more accepting of the heart in the clear crystal form. As a result, I can see it more fully, recognizing details I have not seen before. Its foundation is crystalline silver and gold, indicating the presence of personal essential will, and essential truth, both beyond concepts. That night, it manifests other qualities, qualities I am already acquainted with as those of the heart. I see the beautiful colors of gold, pink, yellow, grenadine, turquoise, amber, orange, apricot, honey, and so on, as flashings of the facets of the crystal heart. Perceiving the dance of these crystal clear colors, I taste the various kinds of sweetness these heart qualities possess. I notice that this manifestation of Being arises in a space both black and clear, where the clarity and the blackness alternately dominate. The crystal heart is now a complete heart, whose essence is clear transparent detachment, and whose manifestations are the sweetnesses of the various forms of love.

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