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Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Diamond Dimension?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Diamond Dimension

Each Diamond Dimension Includes all of the Essential Aspects

Each Diamond Dimension includes all of the essential aspects—the discriminated qualities of our True Nature—within it. This means that each individual aspect contributes its particular wisdom to the fundamental understanding provided by that particular Dimension or Vehicle. The Point Diamond dimension supports the soul’s development through the knowledge that the more one allows oneself to be exactly where one is without interference or manipulation, the more the True Nature of the soul reveals itself. And so each aspect of Essence offers a particular wisdom about the truth of being where one is and the way this truth reveals the depth of who and what one is.

Manifestations of the Field of the Diamond Dimension

Depending on the situation, the Diamond Dimension manifests as a field in which the various aspects operate as diamonds, or it arises as one presence in which all the essential diamonds are integrated into a single structure, one operating vehicle. Instead of experiencing one diamond at a time, we experience all the diamonds arranged in a particular structure, such as a chandelier, a cathedral, or some other distinctive form. There are many of these vehicles, each of which is an integrated form of the Diamond Dimension in a different shape or configuration. So Being not only manifests itself in aspects, but also in combinations of aspects that we call Diamond Dimensions or Diamond Vehicles. The Diamond Guidance, though experienced at times as an aspect, is actually one of these vehicles.

Restructuring of the Soul in Such a Way That Its Experience is Inseparable From Insight

We begin to recognize the Diamond Dimension itself as all the essential aspects appear anew, in the diamond form. Now, instead of experiencing a fluid or formless presence, we experience a faceted bright diamond, a ruby, or an emerald, for instance. In the emerald experience, we have the sense of loving-kindness and warmth inherent to Compassion, but with a precision, a definiteness, and an exactness not familiar in conventional experience. The diamond restructures the soul in such a way that its experience is now inseparable from insight, from direct knowledge. Understanding, then, is simply the stream of structuring of our soul by the diamond and what it is communicating. Revelation, insight, or direct knowledge is nothing but the impact of the essential diamond presence on the soul. The soul’s experience is affected and structured by the diamond presence, rather than being patterned by ordinary knowledge. The diamond presence also gives us a sense of precision, definiteness, and objectivity that we call understanding when we describe it. The understanding itself is not the words, rather it is the actual new structuring of the soul. In other words, the arising of Essence impacts our consciousness in such a way that an essential experience arises, a new unfoldment happens. The diamondness of the essential presence gives us the experience of a precise and sharp delineation, a knowingness, a discernment of what is arising. This is real understanding.

When the Aspects Arise on the Diamond Level the Soul Starts Having Spontaneous Insights About Its Experience

So if we are not in touch with that power, with that manifestation, with that diamond level, we are not in touch with the Diamond Guidance. Guidance means that Essence arises in such a way that it reveals its own truth, its own meaning, its own significance, its own operation, its own function, its own effect. It gives our soul and her intellect the capacity to discern on the essential level. And the capacity to discern on the essential level means the capacity to discern independent of knowledge on the conventional level. That doesn’t mean we can’t use the conventional level. When we operate from this Diamond Dimension of Essence, we do use words and the concepts underlying them to transmit and reveal direct knowledge. Words and concepts, which exist on the conventional level, are empty vessels that can carry something that is beyond them, but they are not knowledge itself; they are attempts at elucidating knowledge in order to communicate it. The knowledge itself is experienced, is sensed. When the aspects arise on the diamond level, they impact the soul by touching it in such a way that the soul starts having spontaneous insights about its experience. The diamond quality touches the substance of the soul, which starts to open up, allowing the knowledge that is coming from that aspect to arise. The soul becomes receptive to a knowledge that comes from beyond, from the unseen world. It is revealed knowledge. It is no longer merely the experience of Essence, it is essential wisdom.

Why the Diamond Guidance is a Diamond Dimension

The Diamond Guidance balances our attitude in inquiry in a dynamic way, by intensifying each aspect as it is needed to address the particular situation. As the Guidance presences itself, whatever aspect appears balances the picture a little more. It brings another needed facet, another element that increases the capacity for optimal inquiry and unfoldment. That is why the Diamond Guidance is a Diamond Dimension, which means an integrated structure. All of the essential aspects are integrated in one functional capacity that operates to reveal the truth of reality

Without the Diamond Level of Experience there Would be no Possibility of Precise Knowing

However, if the Red Essence arises in this new dimension, which I call the Diamond Dimension, then any conventional knowledge that is trying to impose itself on the true, direct knowledge of the aspect will be exposed. The Diamond Guidance manifests at this point because this capacity of knowing can withstand and transcend the dullness of our conventional knowledge and manifest the truth about the Red Essence. Independent of our subjective mind, it can show us what is objective and what is not. It can let us know what is and what is not completely precise. That’s why we say that the aspect is arising on the diamond level: It has clarity, precision, and indestructibility. On the diamond level, we don’t experience the Red Essence in the usual way, as a red fullness, flow, or fire. If it occurred in this way, our knowledge of the Red Essence would be susceptible to our conventional mind, to our beliefs and reactions. Instead we experience a red diamond, a faceted ruby. There is a precision in the experience of a red diamond, an exactness and definiteness. These characteristics simply reflect the fact that we are experiencing the aspect in such a way that its meaning is inseparable from the direct experience of it. We know precisely what the Red Essence is because we are experiencing the Red diamond, which is experience and knowledge as one. So, without the diamond level of experience, there would be no possibility of precise knowing, and hence of Diamond Guidance.

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