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From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Diamond Knowledge?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Diamond Knowledge

Diamond Knowledge and Barriers

We can take the knowledge that was arduously developed by Freud and his followers and use it for our Work. We will also continue to use certain of the old techniques: meditations and ways of paying attention to ourselves. And we have this very effective Diamond knowledge to remove the barriers with no detours, no going around, but going straight through to direct and complete understanding of ourselves. You have to see through all your conflicts, your fears, your guilt, your anger, your love, everything, so that in time, more and more essential qualities will be realized in you. If you can do this work thoroughly and completely, in time you will be complete. No holes, just solid Essence. The Diamond Approach is following the threads from the suffering in our lives all the way back to Essence.

What is Diamond Knowledge?

The work we do in this school, what is called the Diamond Approach, is not metaphysics, philosophy, psychology, religion, or science. Although it's none of those things, the Diamond Approach is not disconnected from any one of them. This work is a certain kind of science; it includes a definite body of knowledge and employs a specific methodology. If we could give this science any name, it would be the science of what a human being can be. And the actualization of what a human being can be is useful to any of those other fields, whether science, philosophy, religion, metaphysics, medicine, or healing. The science of what a human being can be applies a certain kind of knowledge that I call the Diamond Knowledge. By knowledge I don't simply mean information. Although it includes information, knowledge is primarily the direct experience of the content of reality and the methods necessary to actualize that truth. At the present time, the Diamond Approach consists of three main areas of experiential knowledge: the knowledge of the soul, which includes the knowledge of the ego, and the knowledge of the heart and spirit; the knowledge of Essence, which includes the knowledge of states, transformation, and realization; and the knowledge of God, sometimes called the knowledge of objective reality. Each area of knowledge is an immense field and all three areas of knowledge are interrelated.

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