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Diamond Vehicles

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Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Diamond Vehicles?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Diamond Vehicles

A Whole Body of Knowledge

Each vehicle is a whole body of knowledge, a complete dimension of wisdom that relates to an important segment of the soul’s experience and functionality, and particularly to what is needed for her inner journey home. Each vehicle appears at some juncture of the inner journey, responding to the needs of the soul at this particular phase, and presents its overall view and knowledge, which is a new synthesis of the knowledge of the soul, essence, and their relationship. Then the specific and precise details of this objective knowledge are provided by each diamond of the vehicle.

Diamond Vehicles Carry Our Consciousness to Exotic Worlds

The Diamond vehicles function like spaceships, carrying our consciousness to exotic worlds. Each one takes us to a different universe, with different qualities constituting the building blocks of reality. They resemble spaceships in that they are vehicles that travel in inner space, taking our attention to the furthest reaches of Reality. They also resemble spaceships in how they are perceived: they appear as gem-like structures of various shapes and forms, scintillating colored lights. The impact on the consciousness of the soul includes deep hums and intense vibrations, filling her with awe, astonishment, transport, and delight. The docking station for these spaceships is the medium of the soul itself; the substance of the soul is imbued with the particular sacred quality of each vehicle as it descends into consciousness.

Diamond Vehicles in the Nonconceptual Dimension

Experience at the nonconceptual dimension of Reality includes all the forms we normally perceive, outer and inner. These include the physical forms, the oceans and mountains, stars and galaxies, trees and animals, molecules and atoms, and so on. They include all our subjective experience: the thoughts, images, feelings, and sensations. But they also include all the spiritual forms, including essential aspects and diamond vehicles. Essential aspects arise at this dimension differentiated, in the sense that they have different colors and textures. Yet, we do not recognize what they are, or what they mean. We cannot, in fact, differentiate them from the physical and emotional forms. We cannot tell that they are pure spiritual qualities and the others are physical or emotional, for all forms of manifestation are nothing but a differentiation of the same reality, nonconceptual presence. In other words, we can experience essential aspects at this level of experience but we will not be able to recognize what they are. We can tell that the pink quality is different from the green one, but we cannot tell that the pink is love and the green is compassion. The recognition of the qualities requires the noetic capacity of the dimension of pure presence.

Functioning of the Diamond Vehicles in the Boundless Dimensions

Each boundless dimension brings about a whole universe of experience, perception, insight, and wisdom. The wisdom becomes available through the precise and objective presence of the diamond vehicles. As the soul encounters the boundless dimensions on her inner journey, all the diamond vehicles arise again on a new level, on the level of presence characteristic of the particular boundless dimension. They function together, teaching the soul and transmitting the wisdom of this dimension of true nature, experientially and with precise discrimination. Their combined wisdom functions to help the soul self-realize the particular boundless dimension, and to integrate it into her ongoing everyday life.

Integration of the Diamond Vehicles into the Soul

As the soul integrates the various essential aspects and the diamond vehicles, transforming into an increasingly essential soul, essence begins forcefully to reveal that it is the true nature not only of the soul but of all Reality, of all forms and phenomena, all manifestation. The soul has had glimpses of this truth throughout her inner journey, but now it becomes necessary to integrate this truth. She is at the stage where this integration is the next step in her development and completion. The penetration of the major ego structures, those of self-identity and self-entity or boundaries, made possible through the wisdom of the diamond vehicles, readies her for this transition. Essence expands beyond her individual location and reveals itself as the essence of everything.

Living Files of Essential Knowledge

These vehicles are living files of essential knowledge that can be unlocked only by individuals who have the correct orientation. Each vehicle is connected with a presenting issue; when this issue is seen and resolved, the psyche opens up and her orientation is adjusted so that she can assume the necessary attitude and state for that particular vehicle to descend. For instance, love of the truth for its own sake invites the space for the Diamond Guidance, or the heartful desire to be personally intimate with the truth, which opens the heart’s deep spaciousness to receive the teaching of the Stupa vehicle . . . . . . We refer to the vehicles as wisdom vehicles not only because they are the direct and extensive source of knowledge of our nature but also because they can transform individuals into functional instruments of knowledge, love, and action. The diamond presence of knowledge, in its various qualities and configurations, opens the student to understand experientially how the logic of the Diamond Approach flows. As a student realizes the aspects and dimensions as who he or she is and becomes increasingly able to integrate them, it becomes more possible for truth to be actualized in daily life.

The Jeweled Path, pg. 191

Manifestations of the Infinite Potential of the Soul

The diamond vehicles are not entities separate from the multidimensional manifold of the soul, but manifestations of its infinite potential, appearing as this manifold morphs itself into these majestic structures, as it morphs its field into sacred space. In the Diamond Approach, there is no attempt to visualize or create such forms in our consciousness. The teachers do not even describe the shapes precisely to their students. They are actual manifestations of true nature, which emerge when the soul is ready and her consciousness is oriented in a way that corresponds to a given vehicle’s mode of consciousness and operation. The inner inquiry naturally opens the soul to such manifestations; the soul does not need to know about them; she does not need to even know that such things exist. In the experience of the author, these vehicles manifested totally without any expectations or prior knowledge. Their arrival was a total surprise, and their forms and functions are beyond any human imagination or intelligence.

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