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Discriminating Intelligence

Diamond Approach

Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Discriminating Intelligence?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Discriminating Intelligence

Diamond Guidance Referred to as the Discriminating Intelligence of Being

This means that the Diamond Guidance itself is an expression of brilliance, of intelligence. It is the brilliant light that has been differentiated and then integrated in a specific function—that of understanding. This is one way of recognizing the functioning of intelligence in the Guidance, which has prompted us to sometimes refer to the Diamond Guidance as the discriminating intelligence of Being. However, we can see that the Guidance functions intelligently in three major ways. We have been discussing the first —namely, that the whole vehicle is a manifestation of intelligent action in the sphere of understanding or discerning the truth. A second way the Guidance acts with intelligence is by modulating its brilliance depending on the situation. Its various colors—Black, Red, Blue, and so on—can become clearer, more transparent, more intense, more brilliant. More intelligence is operating when they do so, and the Guidance is then using more intelligence and brilliance in its operation. In fact, as the Guidance itself becomes more brilliant, the intense luminosity will begin to feel more prominent than any of the particular colors. In other words, as the Guidance luminates more brilliantly, the aspect of intelligence becomes dominant over other qualities. When it gets very bright, we might not even see a color, just brilliance. Then the whole Diamond Guidance is brilliant, is Brilliancy.

Guidance is a Way of Referring to the Discriminating Intelligence of this Optimizing Force of Our Being

Guidance is a way of referring to the discriminating intelligence of this optimizing force of our Being. So experiencing guidance does not mean that you are a child who is going to be taken by the hand from one place or experience to another. Guidance is the accurate discerning of the optimizing direction for experience, moment to moment. It is needed when the soul is not living from her true nature—when she is in the familiar situation of obscuration and distraction. If the soul is operating from her own inherent capacities—from true nature — she will not need guidance for her development. Then unfoldment will happen on its own because that is what an optimizing force means. It is a force within our soul that is intelligent, responsive, and aware. It will respond to things accurately, intelligently, and appropriately to develop the soul in the best way that she can develop. And that is what we want when we seek any kind of guidance—internal or external. Inner guidance means the directing of our unfoldment so that the unfoldment will optimize itself all the way to wholeness. Inner guidance guides the soul in her unfoldment so that she will unfold in the right direction, correctly, toward maximizing and optimizing her life and experience.

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