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Evolutionary Force

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Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Evolutionary Force?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Evolutionary Force

Evolutionary Thrust of the Self

It is this ontologically given, and spontaneously functioning, evolutionary dynamism of the self that we see driving human psychological evolution, which is experienced directly in self-realization, but lost sight of in the experience of the ego-self. The dynamism of Being drives the evolutionary thrust of the self at all stages of its development, but it is also the dynamic center and source of any activity and creativity in the state of self-realization.


Opening to the Creativity of Being

The dynamism of Being can move in an optimizing way or can just be repetitive, depending upon whether we are open or closed to the dynamism. If we’re closed—meaning that we are clinging to our positions, identifications, and structures—that situation will trap the energy of the dynamism, which will then move in circles. That is what happens in the experience of ego. We have fixed, rigid structures, and they need the dynamism in order to keep recreating themselves. However, when we are open to the creativity of Being, the dynamism engages its optimizing, enhancing, evolutionary force. Then there is not just a movement that is dynamic, but the dynamism moves in an evolutionary, expanding, deepening, life-enhancing, optimizing way. It’s a movement from the inside out. If we inquire into the energy of the optimizing force, we find that it is love. Love is the creative energy that disposes the dynamism to move in an optimizing way. This makes love the fuel of inquiry—and points to a very clear relationship between love and the revelation of truth: When we love truth for its own sake, we truly love. When our love is selfless and genuine, it is the love of what is real. This shows more specifically why it is the energy for the optimizing, energizing, evolutionary force. Love, by its very nature, is a matter of revelation, of unfoldment. It is a manifestation of Being whose very nature is a matter of opening up and unfolding, like the unfolding of a rose.

The Conscious, Aware, Intelligent Force that Empowers the Soul

As we have discussed, our soul is a living organism of consciousness. It has a dynamism inherent to it, and a dynamic force that powers it. The soul is a presence that is continually moving and changing; it cannot be static. The dynamic force underlying this constant change possesses an evolutionary bent, an optimizing property. It inherently tends to move the soul toward more optimal experience and life. It brings in more life, more energy, and more light. It is an organic, non-mechanical force that evolves and optimizes our experience. And it empowers our soul to develop and unfold, not in isolation but in relationship and response to what is going on in our life. In that sense, it is a conscious force, an aware, intelligent force. This optimizing force manifests in many ways. Normally it manifests in actual states, experiences, perceptions, and various life situations and opportunities. But it also manifests in guidance. The optimizing force appears in the optimization of your experience, and guidance is one specific form of this optimization. One way of stating it is that the optimizing dynamism is the force, and the guidance is the eye of that force.

The Dynamism of Being Impels and Guides the Self

Recognizing that Presence manifests itself in various qualities and forms which are constantly changing, reveals that Essence is not static, but is in constant transformation. Being is dynamic. This dynamism manifests the richness of Being, inherent in us as the potentialities of ourselves, and because of this nature is our nature, it moves our experience towards greater optimization. In other words, the dynamism of Being impels and guides the self towards a greater revelation of its potentialities, towards manifesting its primordial wholeness. So it is an evolutionary force than moves the self towards greater clarity, luminosity, creativity, depth, expansion, individuation, richness, and so on.

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