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From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Greed?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Greed

Greed is a Characteristic of Insatiable Desire

Greed is wanting more and more from outside. Also, greed is not the desire for something in particular; it is a characteristic of insatiable desire. So it must be a reflection of a characteristic of Essence per se and not of a particular essential aspect. It must function as an attempt to fill the hole, the deficiency resulting from the loss of this characteristic of Essence. The characteristic of Essence that is connected to greed in the personality has a sense of "more and more," of limitlessness and endlessness. In fact, this quality of endlessness is a profound characteristic of Essence. Each aspect of Essence exists in an unlimited way or extent. The substance of Essence is not limited in extent; it is infinite, limitless. In other words we can say that each aspect of Essence is really a boundless ocean of this quality.

Relating to Essence from the Perspective of Greed

When most people experience their Essence, however, they treat it like something on the emotional level: a possession, a thing, a goodie. This is the basic make-up of the personality, to relate to things from the perspective of greed. It is this tendency of the personality to grasp for pleasure, even for the deep satisfaction of Essence, which brought about all misery. Unless this tendency dissolves, your attitude towards Essence will be the same as your attitude toward material goods. Your identity still resides in the personality, in greed, in suffering.

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