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Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

Excerpts about Introjection

Final Integration of the Ego Structure

The overall organization of identifications and introjections (in the form of units of object relations) is accomplished through the synthetic function of the ego, and constitutes the final integration of the ego structure into a sense of self that is continuous in space and time and includes the representational world, which is composed of all the object images.

Identification is Like Introjection

Thus identification is like introjection, except that the object relations internalized are on a more developed level. The object is seen as a person with a specific role, for example, the role of protecting or mothering, rather than just as a vague object that is needed. These internalized roles are expressed later in development as traits of character and personality. In other words, this internalized repertoire of roles becomes organized into a cohesive self-image through which the child at the end of development is interacting with his environment

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