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What is Liver?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Liver

Aspects of Essence Do Not Conflict

In the work of inner realization, the student comes to a point where he finds it impossible to embody the Merging and Strength aspects simultaneously. He cannot conceive of how he can be merged and separate at the same time. When this conflict arises he usually reports difficulties in sexual functioning, for sexual energy is an integration of these two essential aspects. The fact is that the conflict is in his mind only; it is not objective. There is never, in reality, any conflict between two aspects of Essence, but he cannot see the objective situation because of his rapprochement conflict, among other things. To believe that two aspects of Essence can be conflictive is like believing that two organs of the body, like the heart and liver, are antithetical in their functioning. The separation of the Strength Essence has nothing to do with rigid boundaries; it is more the capacity to discriminate by perceiving differentiated qualities.

Pure Presence is the Nature and Beingness of Forms

It is possible to discern two types of experience related to pure presence. One is the experience of it as the inner expanse, which is also the nature of everything. This is the experience of unity, in which there is only pure presence. It is easy to understand such experience of unity when we remember that presence is the ontological dimension of any and all forms. If we take any form, the human body for instance, then presence is its being, its very existence. When we look at the limbs and organs, it is also their existence. It is the existence of the liver, and not only the body as a whole. It is the existence of each of the cells of the liver. It is the existence of each of the molecules of each of the cells. It is the existence of the atoms of each of the molecules. It is the existence of the elementary particles of each of the atoms. We can divide these elementary particles to smaller and smaller elements, and it will be the existence of any of these elements, regardless of how minute. We can divide until we reach the limit, zero, and it will be existence of the limit. In other words, as we analyze down to smaller, more elementary, simpler forms, pure presence will always appear as the nature and beingness of the form. At the limiting calculus of such an analysis we see that there will remain only existence, only being. There will remain only pure presence.

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