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From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Logos-Speaking?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Logos-Speaking

An Invocation of the Truth Spoken Within the Soul of the Speaker

In other words, real speaking, or logos-speaking, is an invocation of the truth spoken within the soul of the speaker but also a communication of the same truth to the consciousness of the listener. The logos-speaker communicates the essential truth by embodying it in his presence and in his speech. Through his speaking a particular timeless truth, this truth fills his soul, pervades his gestures and postures, and fills his words with wisdom. The words do not carry only ordinary knowledge; they carry the substance and full presence of basic knowledge.

In Logos-Speaking the Words and Being are Inseparable

It is as if, by speaking, the logos-speaker pours the substance of truth, in the various qualities he is verbally communicating, into the consciousness of the listener. His words reflect the logos unfoldment he is presently experiencing within his soul, and these words directly, instantaneously, and spontaneously carry the meaning that is inseparable from the full, textured presence of this unfoldment. Recall from chapter 18 that knowing and being are inseparable in basic knowledge. In logos-speaking, the words and being are inseparable. By speaking the truth, the logos-speaker embodies the truth; and by embodying it he communicates it through all the modalities of expression: through his postures and gestures, through his attitudes and states, through his words and expression, but also and most importantly, through his embodied and unfolding presence.

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