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Merging Gold Love

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The Early Ego Structure Characterized by the Feeling of Merging Gold Love

For most people, the most recalcitrant attachment that we confront as poverty approaches is the attachment to the dual unity, the attachment to the good positive relationship, which is ultimately the attachment to the good mother. The dual unity is the early ego structure in which the soul experiences the self and the mother as one world with no other, usually characterized by the feeling of merging gold love. The dual unity transferences manifest as attachments to the people you love or attachment to your relationship to God. The attachment to the dual unity is the fantasy that we will be in blissful union with a good object. We see here the connection to true, existential, objective aloneness. Aloneness has to be accepted completely for it to become poverty. But letting go of dual unity does not imply that dual unity will never happen, or that it is not possible for it to manifest, or that it is not real. Letting go of dual unity means there is no attachment to it. You don’t feel you have it. It is something that might occur sometimes. If you are an individual soul, then the loving condition of the dual unity may occur sometimes. 

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