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Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Nondimensionality?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Nondimensionality

Divine Love is a Nonlocal Phenomenon

On this dimension of Being, we experience all manifestation as heart. The whole universe appears as the heart of Being, the love of God. All manifestation is love . . . . . . The soul, particularly the animal aspect of the soul, is generally ignorant of the possibility of this realization. As we have discussed, because the ego-structured soul is dominated by the animal potential, which has an external orientation, it sees abundance and richness only outside itself, and only in certain locations. Divine love reveals that richness and abundance, all that the soul desires, is not only inside, but everywhere. It is a nonlocal phenomenon that reflects the nondimensionality of transcendence in manifestation. All Reality is full and overflowing with richness and wonderful fulfilling qualities. The soul does not need to seek emotional gratification anywhere in particular. Fulfillment is available everywhere, for the very substance of everything is fulfillment. Therefore, to truly and fully integrate this dimension will liberate the soul from the inner compulsion to seek; there will be no more inner emptiness, no more inner psychic hunger. The soul will be full and overflowing, and the abundance of her true nature will manifest in her as overflowing generosity. She cannot help but give, not because she wants to, but because she is authentically so rich she cannot help but overflow. Her generosity is fundamentally boundless, bounded only by her material circumstances. And she gives joyfully, with total gratitude and celebration.

The Inner Journey Home, pg. 279-280

Self-Realization on the Boundless Dimensions is the Knowledge of the Indivisibility of True Nature, Reflecting Its Nondimensionality

Therefore, the experience of each of the boundless dimensions includes the perception that all of reality is one. All manifestation is one Reality, unified by the boundless dimension that forms the ground and substance for all forms. Hence, self-realization on the boundless dimensions is the experience of unity, oneness, and nonduality. It is the knowledge of the indivisibility of true nature, reflecting its nondimensionality, but appearing in the multidimensional manifestation as oneness and unity. The experience and understanding of this indivisibility becomes subtler as deeper boundless dimensions arise, moving toward the truth of nondimensionality. Each boundless dimension brings about a whole universe of perception, insight and wisdom. The wisdom becomes available through the precise and objective presence of the diamond vehicles.

The Emptiness of the Absolute Appears as Nondimensionality, Beyond the Concepts of Space and Distance

The juxtaposition of clear light and the dark emptiness of the absolute frequently gives the quintessence an almost gray color, or more exactly, the color of the sky at dawn. In this condition, the sense of spaciousness disappears, for the emptiness of the absolute appears as nondimensionality, beyond the concepts of space and distance. We refer to the condition of this dimension as quintessence because it is the true essence of manifestation. Manifest forms require presence, for manifestation means being. More exactly, manifestation means the arising of the manifest dimensions, those of pure awareness and presence; for without light or presence there is no manifestation, only the absolute in its absoluteness. In other words, manifestation is the appearance of forms that the dimension of pure presence assumes, due to the flow of the logos. Yet manifestation is never separate from the absolute, for it is its radiance. Therefore, manifestation always has a ground composed of both pure presence and absolute, being and nonbeing.

Understanding the Nondimensionality of the Absolute

When we understand the nondimensionality of the absolute, we understand that the more open we are the more we are in touch with the nonbeingness of our true nature. The openness is the external manifestation of this nonbeingness. But nonbeingness is not an expanse; it is nothing at all, so how can it possess extension? It has no extension at all, it completely transcends the concept of distance. We experience this directly when we are more familiar with the emptiness and nonbeingness of the absolute. At the beginning it may feel like an openness, a spaciousness, or an expansive nothingness. When we know it more intimately we begin to see that it does not have the sense of extension, that it does not actually feel like space. The mind simply cannot comprehend this at the beginning, for it is nothing like anything it knows. We simply feel a simplicity and intimacy, a state that possesses no shape, no size, no extension. This is the essence of space, which is also the essence of the absolute. Therefore, when we feel more open with another we are more in touch with this extensionless condition of nonbeing. As a result, we experience less phenomenological distance from the other, which we feel psychologically as closeness and intimacy. And when we are fully in touch with the extensionless nonbeingness of the absolute, we experience no distance at all from the other. Because there is no extension, we experience no distance. The amazing result is the sense that we are totally one. We perceptually see the other at a distance, but feel no sense of distance; in fact the concept of distance is transcended.

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