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Objective Dimensions of Essence

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Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Objective Dimensions of Essence?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Objective Dimensions of Essence

Essential Aspects Can be Experienced in Several Different Ways

To put it differently, in the process of essential realization, it is found that not only are there many differentiated aspects of Being, but also several dimensions in which these aspects can be experienced. The first dimension is what we call the human realm, because the aspects are most easily recognized here, and are closest to the usual emotional affects. Then each one of these aspects can be experienced in several other ways, where the aspect retains its original sense, but is experienced from a different perspective, which gives it an added meaning and significance, or rather, a clearer and more objective meaning. For instance, the aspect of Sincerity is first experienced as a kind of sweet presence, with an austere quality. When it is experienced on the first objective dimension it is still experienced as a sweet presence with an austere quality, but now it has an objective (unemotional) feeling to it, that gives it a clarity and sharpness. This first dimension is Understanding, so that Sincerity is now perceived as a kind of understanding. The second objective dimension is that of Pleasure, where all aspects are experienced as different forms of pleasure. Here Sincerity is still experienced as a sweet presence with an austere quality, but the experience is dominated by the sense of pleasure that it involves. This is still an objective dimension, because the qualities of clarity, precision and sharpness remain as part of the experience.

Fifth Objective Dimension

Before we proceed to describing how this issue of boundaries is resolved, we will first discuss the various manifestations of ego boundaries. These manifestations become clear at the stage of development in which the Personal Essence is in a state of completeness, and the capacity to be without the ego sense of self exposes the main remaining issue of ego, that of individual boundaries. Boundaries begin to be seen as antithetical to the full experience of Personal Essence, being a remnant of ego identification. In other words, one finds that he can be the Personal Essence, and sometimes be without the sense of self, but that there is a remaining contraction. Understanding the relationship of boundaries to the Personal Essence brings about the emergence of the fifth objective dimension of Essence, the dimension in which each aspect is experienced as Love. Compassion is felt as Love, as are Peace, Joy, Will, Truth and so on. This is a vast and magnificent dimension. The dimension of Love might manifest as a result of understanding ego boundaries, or it might manifest first and uncover the issue of ego boundaries. It is what is needed to resolve this basic issue of ego.

Fourth Objective Dimension

Living according to objective Truth automatically exposes the part that is unwilling to live in this way. This part is the ego self, whose development involved the increasing cathexis of physical reality and the abandonment of Being. So this self becomes the main identification system challenged by this level of development. Exploring this identification precipitates the entry into the fourth objective dimension, which is the experience of Essence as objective knowledge. It is knowing by being, rather than through mental activity. This dimension is also that of the teachings of Essence; it makes possible the understanding of how the perspective of each aspect can be a whole teaching, a path for essential realization. All existing teachings regarding Being become comprehensible in this dimension. The perspective of each aspect is seen as a way of freedom from the self of ego. Each aspect becomes understood in its relation to the self, and to the experience of dissolution of this self. This is a wide and deep level of essential experience, which ultimately leads to the experience of ego death, or the annihilation of the self. This happens through the detailed, specific, and objective understanding of the identity of ego. The work is deep and profound, involving realizations that are shattering to one’s identity with ego. The gist of the understanding has to do with what is called ego activity. This is the inner activity, psychic activity, which is the life of the ego self, which cannot exist without this activity. This realization crystallizes in a direct, experiential understanding of hope and desire, which are the main activities of ego. The ego activity is fueled by hope and desire for the good, the pleasurable and the safe, along with movement away from the bad, the painful and the frightening.

Realizing the Objective Dimensions of Essence

Realizing the objective dimensions amounts to the shifting of identity from ego to Being. It also means a much more comprehensive and objective understanding of ego, on all of its levels, and in all of its structures. Ego, both in terms of self and individuality, becomes known and understood, inside out. Its relation to consciousness, Essence and Being is also understood, which leads to its gradual absorption. The amount of knowledge, understanding and experience that results is beyond imagination. It makes one realize in what a small realm of experience ego exists. The process of personalization of Essence is also the process of development of the Personal Essence.

Seven Objective Dimensions of Essence

There are at least seven objective dimensions of Essence, each of which brings about an added dimension to the experience and understanding of the aspects. The aspects are experienced in the seven dimensions, respectively, as or related to: 1. Objective understanding; 2. Pleasure, or delight; 3. Conscience, related to action; 4. Knowledge, by identity; 5. Love; 6. Will, or support of Being; 7. Nothing, the level of understanding concepts. The realization within each dimension is like going through the whole process of essential realization all over again, but from a different and more profound level. Each brings new ego issues, or rather the same issues now understood in deeper and subtler ways. It would take us too far afield to discuss these dimensions of experience in any depth, so we only note here that the process of personalization of Essence involves the realization of these dimensions. Seeing that realization proceeds through each of these dimensions points to the magnitude of the task, but also to the magical richness of Essence.

The Personalization of the Logos

Just as the personalization of the aspects of Essence leads to the synthesis of all such personalized aspects, the personalization of the various dimensions— the objective dimensions of Essence and the formless dimensions of Being—leads ultimately to the synthesis of all such personalized dimensions. This complete integration and synthesis of all aspects and dimensions into the presence of the Personal Essence, which is the same as the personalization of the Logos, makes the latter now objective in a very real sense of the word. This is the station of the objective person, who is not only complete but universal. One is a person, a personal presence, in all dimensions. The person is now the expression and embodiment of Reality, in all its aspects and dimensions. This objective realization, which is the fruit of the overall process of personalization, manifests in various ways and leads to many capacities.

Third Objective Dimension

When one finally allows the state of vulnerability, it can manifest as a state of defenselessness. This indicates the dropping of the defensiveness of ego. Such letting go means the abandonment, usually transitory, of certain deep identification systems. These constitute the core of the defensive structures of ego. The result is again the manifestation of emptiness, this time vast and of immeasurable depth. It is a deeper dimension of space. This development then leads to the emergence of a new essential aspect, the central aspect on the third objective dimension, the entry into the third dimension of Essence. This aspect is actually a certain combination of essential aspects, specifically of Universal Will and Truth, now functioning as one aspect or presence. When this presence is embodied, it feels awesome in its power and solidity. One feels that he can handle anything, that nothing can sway him if he does not want it to. This presence is that of Will in a deeper, more expanded form: more powerful, more solid, more immovable, and its support is awesome.

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