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Objective Love

Diamond Approach

Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Objective Love?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Objective Love

In the Dimension of Objective Love all Essential Aspects Appear as Manifestations of Love

Diamond Will is what we call a dimension of Being. We use the word dimension to refer to a level or plane of Being, on which the various qualities of Essence appear in specific ways that differentiate it from other dimensions. Each dimension adds to essential aspects a new characteristic, universal to all aspects in this dimension. There is the dimension of objective Love, for instance, in which all aspects—Compassion, Clarity, Will, Peace, and so on—appear as manifestations of love. They retain their original qualities, like Compassion and Peace, but now all with the sweetness of Love.

Objective Love Reflects the Recognition of the Intrinsic Goodness of Being

These three Holy Ideas are also distinguished from the others in that they are qualities that are specifically needed to travel the path, while the other Ideas are more accurately the fruits of the path—the realization itself, since they are facets of the view of objective reality. Love, faith, and hope, then, are the elements that the soul needs to make its journey home. Love of the truth motivates the soul to want to set out on the journey; faith sustains and supports it as it proceeds; and hope gives it the optimism that things will unfold in the right way. Objective love reflects the recognition of the intrinsic goodness of Being; objective faith reflects the recognition that Being is one’s inner truth and also one’s support, strength, and ground; objective hope reflects the recognition of the optimizing thrust of its dynamics, which will be discussed in the chapter on Holy Hope. Each of these Holy Ideas is a reflection of a certain facet of the view. They are not really separate; they are all one reality. They are like snapshots of reality from three different directions.

Facets of Unity, pg. 249

Only with Compassionate Objective Love is it Possible to Understand the True Reality of the Personality

This understanding is a synthesis of all our work so far. Where has it been leading? What is the thread? We are trying to see the thread connecting all of it, the thread of the clarification of the personality. This is a good time to speak explicitly about this process, so that you realize that personality is not the culprit. Personality is not something to be eliminated. It is simply full of fear because it does not know its true nature. The personality needs to be completely and thoroughly understood and cherished. Only with that compassionate, accepting, objective love is it possible to understand the true reality of the personality. With clarification comes this understanding, and then your heart becomes completely nourished. Because of the fullness in the heart, love can flow. The heart is completely contented—the ultimate “eating and drinking to your heart’s content.” The heart spills over, and it’s no big deal. You don’t think about it; it is spontaneous and natural. If you are a truly normal, ordinary person, living your life in a healthy way, you cannot help but be loving; that lovingness is the source of, and the motivation for, your action.

The Sense in which Real Love is Objective

Being objective about an experience means that I’m open to it; I am not trying to make it go one way or another. And this is not because I think that’s the way I ought to approach it, but because I have no vested interest in things going in any particular way. I’m not trying to get something; I am merely curious, I love to find out what is so—that’s all. Accompanying this open and open-ended inquiring attitude is an impartiality, a balance, a fresh attitude and orientation, an objective, inquiring mind. If I approach experience with an aim or a plan, this is bound to interfere with whatever I’m exploring. I won’t know it objectively, for what I come to know will always be mixed with and distorted by my own subjectivity. When we can be objective about our experience—or at least be aware of our subjectivity in the process of our inquiry—then it is possible for us to see things the way they truly are. Hence, learning to inquire includes learning to be objective. The heart is not initially objective, but when it loves the truth in a motiveless way, it is willing to experience things objectively. Real love is objective in this sense: It doesn’t have beliefs and preferences; it doesn’t perceive through structures and lenses; it doesn’t have ideas of how things should be.

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