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Objective Person

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Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Objective Person?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Objective Person

A Person Truly Being in the World and Fundamentally Grounded in the Perception that Everything is One

So the resolution is to be objective about the world, meaning not to be influenced by your historical subjective experience and learning. The objective perspective nourishes your soul, nourishes your Personal Essence, nourishes that precious Pearl in you, so that in time you become an objective person, a person truly being in the world and fundamentally grounded in the perception that everything is one. Unlike other nourishment, the objective perspective does not nourish you, as if you are an empty, hungry stomach. The objective perspective nourishes you by being your true nature; it nourishes you as the ocean nourishes the wave. We’re talking about something so subtle and profound that most of us can’t even imagine things being this way. You think, “If everything is one, how do I go out on the street and cross traffic? I might die.” Dying doesn’t change anything. Still you are one—beforehand and afterward. When you see through separateness, you realize that the visible world casts a dark, ugly pall that makes things appear separate. But as the truth penetrates that drab cloak of universal ego, you realize that everything is translucence, everything is preciousness, everything is absolute clarity. The world appears clear, pure, transparent, translucent, with the freshness of an iceberg. That makes your heart warm. Reality is so beautiful, so breathtaking, when we see that there is no separateness. When you see the deeper dimension, when you penetrate that dimension, you see that this world is the expression of oneness, the expression of one love and harmony and beauty. And that person who is identical with the oneness of the world is the resurrection. The whole world is resurrected. Everything appears and is seen in its true reality.

The Maturity of the Objective Person

If you look at it that way, you see that there are many dimensions. As long as you are operating from a certain dimension, that dimension seems to be real. If you go to a deeper dimension, the first dimension seems unreal. If you take all that into consideration and integrate it, then the knowledge of all dimensions of reality gets deeper, and deeper dimensions become accessible. Do not take one dimension to be the only thing there is. If that knowledge is integrated, then the maturity that happens is what I call the objective person. You are a person in an objective way. Then maturity is the expression of the wisdom of the different dimensions. The problem is that when you take only one dimension to be reality, for instance, if you take the physical dimension and say this is the most real thing, that is only true from the perspective of the physical dimension. If you go to another dimension, then the physical dimension will not seem so real. You don’t say that the physical dimension is not real, but you say that the physical dimension is real from its own perspective. If you go to the essential perspective, then the physical dimension is not that real. So which one is more real? You don’t make a judgment. Who are you to say which is more real? You are just aware that this is how things appear depending on where you are operating from. You are free from opinions and from positions. Absence does not comment.

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