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Objective Personal Essence

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Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Objective Personal Essence?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Objective Personal Essence

The Condition of the Objective Personal Essence

This is different from the Indian model of liberation where one is supposed to have no vestiges of ego personality left. According to our understanding, the condition of the objective Personal Essence is one that includes the personality, for it is one of the dimensions of reality. It is true that it is now refined and developed and can be completely absorbed into Being, but it is still available in experience. It is transformed more and more into the experience of the aspect of the Soul, the individual consciousness that had been structured as the ego individuality, and is now experiencing its nature as Essence. In other words, the personality is still experienced, but perceived as the superficial part of oneself. Its refinement knows no end.

The Possibility to Experience and Understand the Objective Personal Essence

The realization of the Logos completes the process of personalization, which makes it possible to experience and understand the objective Personal Essence. To understand what this means we need to remember that the personalization of the various aspects of Essence leads at some point to the Integration of all these personalized aspects. We have called this overall synthesis of all aspects in the presence of the Personal Essence the “Complete Person,” and discussed the objective and formless dimensions of Essence just enough to see the main processes needed for this overall synthesis. Just as the personalization of the aspects of Essence leads to the synthesis of all such personalized aspects, the personalization of the various dimensions—the objective dimensions of Essence and the formless dimensions of Being—leads ultimately to the synthesis of all such personalized dimensions. This complete integration and synthesis of all aspects and dimensions into the presence of the Personal Essence, which is the same as the personalization of the Logos, makes the latter now objective in a very real sense of the word. This is the station of the objective person, who is not only complete but universal. One is a person, a personal presence, in all dimensions. The person is now the expression and embodiment of Reality, in all its aspects and dimensions. This objective realization, which is the fruit of the overall process of personalization, manifests in various ways and leads to many capacities.

The Presence and Life of the Mature and Adult Human Being

• The objective Personal Essence is the presence and life of the mature and adult human being. The principles and values governing the personal life and conduct are those of the Absolute Truth and its various differentiated manifestations.
• The sense of selflessness, service and giving, is second nature. One does not think of helping or try to help. It is one’s nature to help, love, give and serve. One does not even know one is helping or serving. It is one’s nature, just as it is the nature of the sun to radiate light, and the nature of the rose to give off fragrance. One is naturally and spontaneously in harmony with the totality of existence.
• Doing or functioning is not separate from Being. Functioning is the flow of Reality, spontaneous and completely non-self-conscious. It is a spontaneous response to situations, integrated action that implicitly takes into consideration the perspective of all aspects and dimensions, plus the Absolute source of them all. Functioning sometimes emphasizes specific aspects, when it is the particular need of the situation. This happens spontaneously without the interference of the mind.
• The mind, heart and body are completely integrated and redeemed. The mind is not experienced as an impediment, but functions as an instrument that has its own functions. The heart and body, too, function freely and are integrated in one total functioning.
• The personal conduct and behavior expresses the dignity, integrity and objectivity of the mature human being, the embodiment of Reality. The human being is seen to be the expression of all dimensions of reality, and, hence, is the being who has all dimensions of reality available to his direct experience. He is a personalization of all planes of reality: physical, mental, energetic, essential and beyond. 

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