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Perfections of Being

Diamond Approach

Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Perfections of Being?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Perfections of Being

Boundless Pure Presence Differentiates Itself Into the Various Forms

First, we will return to the question of differentiation. We saw above that essential aspects form a special type of differentiation. The level of boundless presence presents another type of differentiation, a more general one, which comprises the totality of manifestation. In other words, boundless pure presence differentiates itself into the various forms that populate manifestation, on all levels of manifestation. Essential aspects are a special category that embodies the perfections of Being. However, just as in the differentiation of essential aspects the original simple knowingness differentiates into the various recognizable qualities, the same happens in the differentiation of the myriad forms of manifestation. The basic cognitive dimension of pure presence differentiates into the various forms of phenomenal appearance. What is new in this differentiation is that because we now know that pure presence possesses a cognitive dimension, the forms that manifest are not only differentiated outlines in the manifold of presence. This Riemannian manifold reveals now that it has a cognitive dimension, which points to the important realization that these forms are also cognitive forms. On the dimension of pure presence, all forms can be discriminated, recognized, cognized, known. In other words, all forms are cognitive forms. However, they are knowable not discursively but directly, as manifestations of basic knowledge. We can know anything and everything here, given opportunity and true capacity, but we can know them directly, immediately, intimately. Because of this we call them noetic forms, referring to the nous of direct knowing.

The Differentiation of Presence is Spontaneously and Instantaneously the Differentiation of Knowing

Why are we emphasizing that Being is the origin of mind, when we are speaking of the experience of pure presence? This is actually simple to understand. We have seen that pure presence is not only undifferentiated but that it implicitly includes all perfections of true nature. We have also seen that pure presence differentiates into a particular category, that of the essential aspects, as the explicit manifestation of the perfections of Being. But we have just discussed how in this dimension of true nature being and knowing are inseparable, undifferentiated from each other. Thus when pure Being differentiates into the perfections of Being, its inseparable basic knowledge also differentiates into the basic knowingness of these perfections. Pure presence is presence because it inseparably includes the knowingness of Being, which knowingness now differentiates into the inherent knowingness of the aspects of Being. The differentiation of presence is spontaneously and instantaneously the differentiation of knowing. Therefore essential aspects arise in the dimension of pure presence not only as differentiated presences, but also as discriminated, knowable qualities.

The Qualities of Being are its Inherent Implicit Perfections Manifesting as Essential Aspects

Being, in its absoluteness, is mystery beyond any description. It manifests its potential richness by differentiating itself into dimensions and qualities. The qualities of Being are its inherent implicit perfections, now manifesting as essential aspects. These aspects also appear in Diamond Dimensions, where each dimension is a particular synthesis of all of the aspects that operates as one vehicle with specific functions. Diamond Guidance is one of these Diamond Dimensions, whose function is guidance through discriminating, knowing, and understanding. We have been exploring the role or contribution of each of the aspects as we learn how Being functions as guidance. The overall dimension of the Diamond Guidance is that of a functioning vehicle, which operates as guidance or understanding. But each one of the perfections of Being—the essential aspects—has its own contribution to the Guidance.

When Brilliancy is Fully Integrated with the Soul

The soul has gaps in it when it experiences itself as the personality of ego. Gaps are the holes and deficiencies that are the absences of realization of the fullness of Essence in the soul. So, one of the specific ways that completeness is recognized is in the feeling that there is no gap, which I usually call the state of no gap. When Brilliancy is fully integrated with the soul, all of the perfections of Being are present in an immanent and clear way. And then there are no gaps, no holes in the soul, because Brilliancy is a self-existing synthesis of all aspects. The experience is that I am complete in such a way that nothing else is required. And the completeness is experienced in such an intrinsic and full way that just being here—the presence on its own—is 100 percent self-sufficient and complete; nothing needs to be taken away, to be added, to happen, or to stop happening. The sense of completeness is absolute, while being recognized and delineated in a clear and explicit manner.

Brilliancy, pg. 54

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