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Psychological Constellations

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Acceptance of Holes Leads to Experiencing the Personality as an Emptiness

Psychological constellations will present themselves both inside -- as emotional conflicts and physical tension -- and outside -- as difficulties, conflicts, issues, dissatisfactions, and lack of understanding of the environment and the people in it... the psychological constellation, when understood exactly for what it is, will lead spontaneously to a related hole of the personality, which the individual will experience emotionally as a certain lack or deficiency, usually defended against by various antics. Acceptance of this hole leads to experiencing the personality as an emptiness. This emptiness, this void, is like a death for the personality. It is actually a death of the particular sector of the personality but is experienced psychologically as an overall death of the personality. When this "death" is completely understood and accepted, the corresponding aspect of Essence emerges and fills the emptiness left by the personality.

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