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Excerpts about Reverence

Bowing Our Heads in Humility

When we feel this kind of awed devotion, it is the reverence of reality itself, of its essence and nature, of its mystery and magic. We can’t help but bow our heads in humility. We can’t help but love its purity and goodness and generosity. And as our heart opens in this way, true nature responds by revealing more of itself. This only intensifies our gratitude, which in turn elicits an even greater outpouring of true nature. We can, at some point, recognize that it is a single force that manifests as the two sides of this dialectic. Our continual reverence and the ongoing revelation of reality are two sides of one true nature. We are free to experience this as a dialectic or as a unity, as both at once or as neither. However it appears, the reverence of true nature is a factor, a feature, and an expression of essential activation.

Intensification of Reverence

The more that we have this attitude of love, respect, and reverence, the more possible it is for essential activation to occur. And as essential activation happens, this reverence only intensifies. This kind of reverence is a certain attitude of the heart, a certain attitude of the soul—humble, prayerful, and offering up whatever is left of our individual consciousness. In kneeling before true nature, what we are giving over is ourselves. This is something that happens as a natural response to the recognition of the majesty of true nature. When we realize that this amazing exquisite reality is also what we are, we feel even more grateful. And although all of us might feel this reverence to some degree, it can grow and become an abiding attitude that gets more intense as we learn more of the secrets of reality. Many issues and beliefs can limit our experience of this kind of prayerful reverence and profound devotion, dedication, and commitment to true nature. It might be that we have not yet had a full encounter with true nature, or that we have still not completely understood it, or that we are taking it for granted in some way. The attitude of reverence means that we recognize the immeasurable significance and the infinite importance of true nature for our life and for our consciousness—throughout this life and whatever occurs next.

Reverence, a Mix of Love, Joy, Delight, Respect and Awe

Our sense of awe is not only full of wonder, appreciation, and love but is also imbued with a deep respect for the truth and power of true nature. This respect can develop naturally into a profound reverence for true nature; in this way it becomes a factor useful for essential activation. This reverence—a mix of love, joy, delight, respect, and awe—is both a feature and an expression of that activation. It is a natural response to the fullness of our encounters with true nature and to the completeness of our realizations of true nature. We can’t help it; it simply happens. We fall in love with true nature, but not in the sense that we like it or enjoy it or value it. It is not that kind of love. It’s more as if true nature is the central thing in our life, in our death, in the existence and meaning of everything—there is no getting away from it. True nature is the very heart of the universe in such a way that all we can do is to kneel in complete humility before its amazing power and beauty and goodness.

Seeing that the Reverence is the Reverence of True Nature Itself

It is true, of course, that we can realize true nature as a nondual truth, but when it appears relationally, it can manifest itself in a way that looks dualistic. We feel reverence toward true nature, and this reverence is for what we truly are and what everybody and everything truly is. So even though we realize that we are everything, the impact of that on the individual consciousness is awe and reverence for true nature. When we explore it further, we might see that it is the reverence of true nature itself, that it is true nature waking up to itself and being awestruck by its own magnificence. It reveres and adores the truth. It rejoices in its own majesty without taking ownership of it. As individuals, we often take owner ship when we feel “this magnificence is me.” But, in reality, it is only true nature that can say that.

True Nature Touches the Heart Like Nothing Else Does

Seeing the role of true nature in illuminating the dire situation we find ourselves in impacts our heart and our soul, and it transforms our relationship to true nature and everything that expresses it. The more we recognize and encounter true nature, the more the heart is touched. True nature touches the heart in a way that nothing else does. When we realize how exquisite true nature is, we become stunned. How can it be? How can there be such a thing? How can there be such an energy, such a power, that is compassionate and strong at the same time, that is precise and loving at the same time, that is the nature of everything and creating everything at the same time? We experience an immense sense of awe and wonder. We can’t help but love true nature for what it is because of its magnificence, its beauty, its liberating power, its loving generosity, its loving light. It is like a luminosity whose action is pure love and pure goodness. The more it touches us, the more we feel real and satisfied, and the more meaningful our life becomes.

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