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Samadhi (Diamond Samadhi)

Diamond Approach

Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Samadhi (Diamond Samadhi)?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Samadhi (Diamond Samadhi)

Movement of Nondoing to the Condition of Diamond Samadhi

When the stillness and clarity of nondoing are spontaneously joined by the dynamic unfoldment of revelation, discernment, and insight, then nondoing has moved to the condition of diamond samadhi. Now, nondoing includes insight and the understanding of what is arising. There is clear, precise insight, but it is still samadhi in the sense that we are still being the condition of true nature. It is the condition of realization, not only with clarity but also with clear understanding and clear insight. And the condition of realization can be of various degrees and kinds of realization. It can be boundless or not; it can be different kinds of boundlessness; it can be different forms of presence or emptiness or various combinations of the two. The primary practice at this stage is the inquiry that integrates the understanding of the dynamism of realization, the understanding of the fulcrum of the path—how our practicing is true nature revealing itself, how our inquiry is Living Being living its realization. Integrating this understanding can become a powerful wisdom that gives our practice—which is now a way of being, a way of living—the freedom and richness and potency to reveal realization upon realization. We come to see practice as a process of realization realizing realization. This ongoing inquiry carries through our formal practices as well as our everyday life. As we are living our life, the dynamic revelation of diamond samadhi continues. We live our realization by living a life that naturally includes and expresses the dynamism of Living Being, as a curiosity and an interest and an inclination that simply reveals further realization. We are naturally drawn to see through whatever ignorance, identifications, and limitations remain in the way of our understanding reality, including seeing our various attachments to realization.

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