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Self Expression

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Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Self Expression?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Self Expression

The Love of Display and Self-Expression of the Soul

We see that the soul is not a particular state, nor a static manifestation, nor a fixed form. The soul is inherently full of change, movement, flow, and transformation. Stillness and rest are only particular forms that the soul can assume, as are movement and activity. We have discussed this particular property of the soul as transitoriness, changeability, different forms of flow and unfoldment, appearing, manifestation, and morphogenic transformation. The question that remains is what makes these possible. All these point to an underlying property of the soul; all of them are manifestations of a particular characteristic that is fundamental to the soul. We refer to this property as dynamism, meaning that the soul is inherently dynamic, rather than static. This dynamism implies an energetic, vital, active, forceful dimension of the soul, a dimension that intersects all of her other dimensions. This dynamism is an active power, an inherent pressure toward manifestation, an implicit impulse toward unfoldment, a basic will toward revelation, and a fundamental love of display and self-expression.

Value of Self-Expression

From this we see that self-expression is not an absolute value. In terms of human development, it is valuable in only two cases: when the self expressed is the true identity, which is Essence; and when expression of the ego or superego is helpful to loosen and destroy the superego's coercive influence on the individual.

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