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From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Speaker?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Speaker

By Speaking the Truth the Logos-Speaker Embodies the Truth and Communicates it Through All the Modalities of Expression

It is as if, by speaking, the logos-speaker pours the substance of truth, in the various qualities he is verbally communicating, into the consciousness of the listener. His words reflect the logos unfoldment he is presently experiencing within his soul, and these words directly, instantaneously, and spontaneously carry the meaning that is inseparable from the full, textured presence of this unfoldment. Recall from chapter 18 that knowing and being are inseparable in basic knowledge. In logos-speaking, the words and being are inseparable. By speaking the truth, the logos-speaker embodies the truth; and by embodying it he communicates it through all the modalities of expression: through his postures and gestures, through his attitudes and states, through his words and expression, but also and most importantly, through his embodied and unfolding presence.

One of the Major Ways a Teacher Transmits the Teaching to Students

Just as real, basic, or pure thinking is a way that the logos reveals truth to the soul, real speaking can do the same. This function is one of the major ways a teacher transmits the teaching to students. When the teacher has integrated the dimension of the logos in his realization he becomes able to function similarly to the logos. By speaking he reveals the truth of true nature and Reality. Such speaking is not simply the communication of ordinary knowledge; it is the communication of basic knowledge. By speaking, the teacher utters the words, which are word-concepts. By uttering such words, he does not only say the syllables. Each time he says the word-concept he sees the reality of this word, its color and shape; he feels the quality of essence to which the word corresponds; he tastes its flavor and feels its texture. His speaking is not only through the mouth but through the fullness of the manifold of the soul. By speaking about a truth of Being this truth arises in his soul, fills it, and overflows to his listeners. In other words, real speaking, or logos-speaking, is an invocation of the truth spoken within the soul of the speaker but also a communication of the same truth to the consciousness of the listener. The logos-speaker communicates the essential truth by embodying it in his presence and in his speech. Through his speaking a particular timeless truth, this truth fills his soul, pervades his gestures and postures, and fills his words with wisdom. The words do not carry only ordinary knowledge; they carry the substance and full presence of basic knowledge.

The Guided Unfoldment of the Soul is Precisely the Orderly Pattern of the Logos as it Manifests the Individual Soul

The logos is the speaker in another way. Just as it reveals the potentialities inherent in Being through the primal revelation that manifests Reality, it also manifests these to the soul as inner revelations. This has been the understanding of the various wisdom traditions. In the Diamond Approach, inquiry invites the logos to unfold the soul’s experience. The Diamond Guidance aligns the inquiry with the intelligence and dynamism of Being, opening the soul to the revelations of her true nature. The experience of the individual is usually a sense of unfoldment of the soul, where the mysteries of Being are revealed to her as she knows and understands herself. She discovers one quality of true nature after another, one dimension after another, one capacity after another, as the logos reveals them to her. In other words, the guided unfoldment of the soul is precisely the orderly pattern of the logos as it manifests in the individual soul. They are the same process, but seen from two vantage points, that of the individual soul and that of the universal logos. We can say that the logos speaks to the soul, informing her of the mysteries of Reality, but it is more accurate to say that the logos speaks the unfoldment of the soul. We see a deep, fundamental connection between speaking and the operation of the logos, just as we have seen it between thinking and the creative dynamism of the logos. In reality, the creative outflow of the logos, thinking, and speaking are parallel expressions of the same phenomenon, which is basically the orderly flow of words as seen in three dimensions of experience: the actual experiential world, the thinking mind, and communicative speech.

The Logos Creates the World Through a Kind of Utterance

Being expresses itself through noetic forms, each of which we can directly experience as a word-concept. A word-concept is not a generic or category concept, but one word that is not just a meaningless word, but embodies a concept of a particular object. On the dimensions of pure presence and the logos, these word-concepts are actually the objects themselves, as concepts in the divine mind, or words uttered by the logos. In other words, the logos creates the world through a kind of utterance. The utterance is not simply the enunciation of sounds as we know them, but the outflow of orderly expression that uses word-concepts for this expression. More precisely, the logos speaks the world into existence. The logos is a speaker, in fact, the original speaker. It creates through the word. And since the logos is not only the creative agency but the manifestation itself, it is composed of words. It is composed of living words, each of which is a presence, a noetic form, an object.

The Logos Utters the Word-Concepts All at Once, Simultaneously

More accurately, since the manifest world is also the logos, for it is the logos’s unfolding particulars, and the world is composed of word-concepts, the logos is composed of word-concepts. It is both speaker and speech. It utters the words and is the totality of all the words. However, the manifest world is one indivisible field of dynamic presence, and not disconnected forms and objects. The presence of the logos is then a unified field of words, spoken all at once, for creation is of the world as a whole, instantaneously and continuously. The logos does not utter the word-concepts in succession, it utters them all at once, simultaneously, as if it is uttering one word. In other words, the logos is a word that contains all words. We can understand here why the logos can be referred to as the Word. It is the word of the divine being through which all comes into being. The logos is the Word of Being, the speech by which Being becomes a speaker, and by which the manifest world comes into being.

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