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Spiritual Materialism

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A Dualistic Split Perspective on Experience

Look at your experience right at this moment. At this very moment of your experience of yourself, what is happening? What do you see? You’ll see there is an experience of what is happening, and another part of the experience that does not want what is happening. Am I right? That part of you which does not want what is happening wants something else, like freedom or happiness. There is what is, and there is a part that says, “I want something other than what is.” Doesn’t that mean you’re divided? Doesn’t that mean you are in conflict with yourself? Doesn’t that mean you’re setting yourself against yourself? Part of your mind is opposing another part of your mind. That part of your mind opposing the other might be full of ideas and wonderful spiritual knowledge that says, “I want my essence. I want God and freedom.” But, what is that part saying? Isn’t it saying, “That other part of me is yucky; who wants it? I wish it would go to hell. I want to get away from it. I want to understand it so it will disappear.” This is what is called spiritual materialism, which is a dualistic, split perspective. There is a split in your mind, in yourself. There is what is there, and there is the part that doesn’t like what is there, that wants something else. How are you going to arrive at harmony, integration, happiness, and freedom when there is a war inside you, when you are acting according to division and conflict? How can there be healing? How can there be harmony inside you when one part of you is against another part? Is it possible? Look at it logically. Look at your experience.

Spiritual Materialism is not Avoided in the Diamond Approach

Spiritual materialism is not avoided in the Diamond Approach. It is allowed to surface, to come out into the light of consciousness. Then the attachments are studied and understood like any other characteristics of the personality. In fact, essence itself will make sure that this happens. Attachments to essence or to some of its aspects cannot be ignored, especially not in the Diamond Approach. This attachment will be revealed naturally as a contraction or a restriction. The purity of essence and the process of its expansion will expose it as such. The individual will not be able to be attached and still experience essence freely. Attachment is personality, and it will manifest as a conflict that leads to suffering. In fact the more essence is manifesting, the more this conflict will be obvious. Essence will reveal the attachments. There will emerge specific essential aspects whose particular effect on the individual is to expose these attachments. There will also emerge other essential aspects that will give the understanding that will specifically lead to nonattachment, to the freedom from all attachments. In fact, the deepest essential aspects cannot be realized and freed without dealing with the issues of attachment and spiritual materialism.

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