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Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

Excerpts about Struggle

Accepting Her Helplessness the Soul Lets Go and Forgets Her Inner Struggle

The wisdom of the diamond dome brings recognition that the inner hopelessness occurring at this point is objective, that the dilemma is due to this inner activity. The helplessness is due to the fact that such inner activity only entrenches the soul into being the separate individual. More important, the helplessness is objective because no action on the part of the soul can release her from this trap. What is needed is not activity, not a doing of any kind, but a giving up of the struggle. The soul needs to recognize that she actually can do nothing here; she needs to forget
about trying to release herself. She needs to forget even about wanting or desiring the release. The resolution does not usually arise through an inner decision based on understanding. It cannot be a surrender based on a strategy. It is more that the understanding truly renders the soul helpless, and by finally accepting her helplessness she simply lets go and forgets her inner struggle. She accepts that she will accept whatever happens, for it is the will of the inner truth, not hers. It is at this point that the soul beings to realize, usually to her surprise, that she is feeling at ease. She may feel a delicate and light presence entering her head from the top, seeping into her body and consciousness. She tastes a delicate sweetness, sees a beautiful golden white light, and feels caressed and bathed by a soft and loving medium. The delicate and sweet light releases her inner tensions, softens her heart, and soothes her anguish. She cannot help but melt into the gentle hands of this loving and caring presence.

Personal Problems Are Signals

Every personal problem signals something about yourself and reality that you don't understand and that you have not integrated. Difficulties are invitations to investigate with curiosity and find out what is actually here. When you begin to investigate a problem, you realize that some part of you is not there. You encounter a hole in your beingness and consciousness that feels as if something is missing. If you go about investigating what is missing with sincerity and truthfulness and curiosity, you will start to find out about it.

The Struggle That Leads to Suffering

And we spend the rest of our lives trying to make the world, ourselves, our reality conform to an idea, to a world that we created when we were very young. That activity consumes a tremendous amount of energy. You try to create an entire universe that doesn't exist. All the time, each one of us expends an enormous amount of energy, effort, and attention trying to create a reality that doesn't actually exist. Day and night we fight to keep reality in place. Even when we sleep the struggle continues in our dreams. Molding reality to fit an image in your head creates vast human suffering.

When We Recognize that We are the Source of What We Need

So the more we recognize that we are the source of what we need, the more we are relaxed and light about the inner path. Then it can stop being a path of struggle, a path of effort, where we try to make something happen as if inner work were a matter of accomplishment. If you realize that the source is within you, then you realize you just need to be relaxed, open, and open minded and to let things happen on their own. You don’t need to do anything about them. When we can recognize and allow that ease, then the unfoldment of our souls becomes a natural and spontaneous thing. And then inquiry becomes a lighthearted playful participation in the soul’s journey. So as you see, all of the elements we have discussed in this chapter interconnect. Love of the truth—which fuels the inquiry—will manifest itself as an openness, which will spontaneously give rise to a curiosity. The curiosity brings in a lighthearted playfulness, an ease and a flow, a purposeless engagement in life. This playful quality invites a sense of adventure and experimentation in the process of exploring and discovering the nature of reality. And all of these qualities are natural expressions of the Yellow aspect, the heart’s joy and delight in participating in the creative dynamism of the soul’s unfoldment.

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